Tuesday, August 23rd

Still at the bar, Jack tells Neil that Phyllis is making an effort to accept Luca. She’ll come around on Hilary too – eventually. Neil’s glad they’re back together. Life is worth living with someone at your side. As for Neil, he’s not alone – he has his family. We trust each other again. Trust is the glue that binds us together.

Upstairs, in a suite, Hilary shows Lily a letter that came for Neil after their wedding. Lily reads aloud (his Mother has written many letters and hopes Neil can one day forgive her) Hilary then shows Lily a stack of mail (some addressed to Lily and Devon – seems their grandmother’s been keeping tabs on them) Hilary had no agenda in keeping the letters Neil threw away. They may contain the answers Lily seeks.

Assuming Vikki was still in Mexico, Billy’d planned to stay at her place – but he can get a room at the club. No, stay, Vikki invites.

Hilary’s called Neil up to her suite to say she’s given Lily the letter from his Mother. YOU are the one YOU are the one keeping secrets and telling lies, she blasts him. The family forgave Neil – so why can’t he forgive his own Mother?

After a swim, Devon and the twins go off for ice cream. Lily updates Cane that her Dad’s been lying again – to all of us.

Collin’s not impressed with the renovations. Kay might be – but she wouldn’t approve of you interfering in Billy’s love life. There’s more to this story, he knows – much more.

Over wine, Billy asks how it went with Travis. He thought she might sail away with him and never come back. He wanted me to. What stopped you?

Vikki’s not gonna lie – she was tempted to sail off with Travis, but that’s a romantic daydream. Billy would have watched the kids and taken care of work. He thinks Vikki’s afraid of the dangers of falling in love. Vikki thinks HE’s found someone special (like Travis is to her) Doesn’t matter, Billy knows nothing lasts forever. Vikki agrees – but you can’t check your feelings like bags at the airport.

At the bar, Phyllis updates Jack – Vikki failed, she must now bite her tongue and support Summer getting married. Jack shows her the check to cheer her up – Hilary brought this in. Deposit it before it bounces, Phyllis advises.

Cane now takes the twins off so that Lily can show Devon the letter from Neil’s Mother.

Hilary has Mommy issues of her own – she knows that Neil needs to talk to someone. No, she’s not recording this for future blackmail. Neil only knows what his Father told him. His Mother was unhappy and unfaithful. Her leaving broke my Father’s heart. He’s never read the letters she sent. Neil’s Dad fell in love with Malcolm’s Mother. Hilary now sees that Neil sees her just like he sees him Mom – unforgivable because she cheated.

Never mind the decor, Collin wants to know why Jill uprooted herself without explanation to come back to GC and focus on Billy’s love life. We were happy in Chicago. What changed?