Wednesday, August 24th

Why is the transport van stopped? What the hell’s going on here? The guard seated behind Adam puts a chloroform rag over his mouth and then a black hood.

Chloe’s back at the penthouse to support Chelsea. I’ll help you with everything – every second, every day.

At the station, Kevin tells Dylan that there was a problem with Adam’s transport.

Nikki and Sharon are saved from chatting by Luca thanking all for coming – his goals are simple; to be the husband Summer deserves and share a long, happy life. What are you doing here? Travis walks in – you know why I’m here.

Back at the penthouse, Chloe suggests a swim at Kay’s (or is it Billy’s or Jill’s house now?) Not responding, Chelsea’s surprised when cops come knocking and march in. Kevin and Dylan claim that Adam escaped.

The hood removed, Adam finds himself seated and still cuffed in front of Victor (in some old cabin that is not the Abbott cabin)

Next: Hear what he has to say, Vikki tells Summer. Get all the facts then make up your mind, Nick adds … Dylan – is it really that far fetched that you’d pull one last con to save he man you love? …. Victor dangles a key in front of Adam.

My Thoughts: Sure, Daniel’s there for his sister’s wedding – but is she so self-absorbed that she didn’t even think to ask Daniel how he’s been? How her niece Lucy is, and maybe Heather? Will Daniel never confront Victor on sending him to India on some arranged art exhibit? I’d kinda like to see a mustache-off. Daniel would win – his sideburns are approaching mutton chops (you kids will have to Google that) …. Does Chloe not know that Kevin works? He can’t just drop everything to go play at the park. Why yes, yes he can … The prison’s only a couple of hour’s away? Huh? It seemed to be just around the corner the way people popped in and out with such frequency. I can’t see why Adam would be moved to another prison … Summer and Luca’s ‘party’ looks an awful lot like a wedding reception – usually held AFTER the ceremony. Odd that Sharon’s there but not Summer’s Aunts Traci or Ashley. Sad that she doesn’t have one single girlfriend to invite.