Wednesday, August 24th

Playing with Bella, Chloe decides NOT to watch the news – let’s get out of here. She sends a text – meet us at the park.

Dylan barks orders at Kevin then announces that he’s going to a party – where he’ll wait for Victor.

Nick and Chelsea (holding Connor) get off the elevator. Please leave us alone. Victor will say hello to his grandson anytime he pleases. And when Nikki doesn’t think it a good idea to take Connor inside, Nick defends Chelsea’s decision. As Jack takes Connor inside, Nick tells Victor that he’s been asked to protect his son. Victor doesn’t need to ask from what. Adam’s then lead in. Father and son stare at one another.

You’re home, Phyllis hugs Daniel (who reminds that Savannah’s his home) She loves the mustache but doesn’t want him to ruin the wedding photos. You’ve changed so much and not at all, Daniel’s amused. At the bar, Sharon encourages Noah to behave – she’s so proud of him. He drinks back a glass of champagne. Across the room, Summer and Luca exchange small talk and teasing with Vikki, Phyllis and ‘Cheech and Chong’ (who can’t believe he came back for this) Dad will be here after the hearing, Phyllis assures Summer.

Chelsea tells the Judge that Adam was framed – he never should have been in that cell. Imagine how you’d feel – no one listened. Imagine how alone and hopeless you’d feel. Adam wasn’t eating or sleeping (or in his right mind) Please show Adam mercy – no one else has. The Judge asks Adam to stand and sentences him to ten years. Adam turns to look at Chelsea (and Connor)

At the park, Chloe and Kevin remember Delia – when she was pregnant in the psych hospital, Chloe worried her second baby wouldn’t be as great as Delia. But, Bella’s beyond perfect. Kevin knows it’s a rough day for Chloe. Chelsea knows you’re behind her. Am I? Chloe admits she’ll be happy if Adam doesn’t come home.

Passing Connor to Nick, Chelsea hugs Adam – don’t give up. I love you.

Chloe couldn’t imagine the thought of seeing Adam out and about. She wants to make GC her home so that Bella can know her kooky Grandma, the people she loves. Yes, Kevin’s one of those people. It would hurt too much if she left again.

After putting Chelsea up for a nap, Nick gives her a pep talk. You and Connor can visit Adam on weekends. Nick will do all he can for them too. You have your own life, Chelsea doesn’t expect Nick to keep his promise to Nick. He wants to help Connor – to teach him what his grandfather’s capable of. One day he’ll know that he’s behind all this.

I’ll always stand by you, Nikki tells Victor as they arrive at the party (with a gift) Vikki greets her parents and is sorry to hear that Adam’s been sentenced to ten years. And all because … never mind, today’s about Summer. Nikki and Victor then greet the bride and groom to be. Aside, Phyllis is updated on Lucy and Heather and insists things are fine with Jack (who then arrives to hug Daniel, update on Adam and blame/glare at Victor)

Drink detective? Dylan’s here as a family member, not a cop. But, he will prove Victor’s connection to Bethany and that he framed Adam. Dylan also doesn’t appreciate Victor calling him ‘son’. It’s a figure of speech, Victor doesn’t appreciate Dylan coming to beat his chest. Show some respect. After Victor strolls off, Dylan tells Sharon that he has to go (and shares a scowl with his Mom on his way out) Nick greets Summer and ignores Luca – then escapes when Jack comes over with more sincere pleasantries. Vikki follows Nick to the bar – she’s sorry she couldn’t begin Travis back. But the trip wasn’t ‘wasted’ – she really misses Travis.