Thursday, August 25th

Camyrn Grimes discusses Cassie’s death; a significant moment in Y&R’s history. Hunter King’s, Summer’s favourite moment is Mariah kissing her (much to Camryn’s amusement) Kevin and Chloe’s favourite scenes.

At the ‘party’, Luca thanks all for coming. His goals are simple – to live a long, happy life with Summer. What the hell are you doing here? You have a good idea, Travis then announces that the ‘humble groom’ was behind the oil rig sabotage, not him.

Whoa, what’s this about? A cop barges into Chelsea’s with Kevin and Dylan. Adam and the guards disappeared from the transport van.

In a cabin, Adam tells Victor to call the police – he wants to go back to prison. No one will hear your shouts for help, Victor tells him.

Safe?! Nothing about this feels safe, Adam says. Victor uncuffs him. Is this a trick? Making it look like an escape to add on some more years. Victor admits he went too far in tearing apart Adam’s family, his life.

Dylan thinks Adam had help from the outside – it’s not that far-fetched to suspect that Chelsea did one last con for the man she loves.

This isn’t the time or place for false accusations, Luca says. And when Travis calls him a backstabbing cockroach, Summer asks him to leave. Nick, Vikki and Phyllis encourage her to hear Travis out first. Luca admits to calling Travis – to try get him to come back and take responsibility. Witnesses spotted you near the latest sabotage attempts. Travis has witnesses who can vouch for his whereabouts. The guy’s a coward, Luca tells a confused Summer. Hear Travis out, Nick repeats.

Chloe comes down to protect Chelsea – is this the way you look for Adam? Bullying his wife? They now learn that the guards were found a mile from the courthouse – drugged but unharmed. Find him, Chelsea instructs – then goes up to tend to Connor (with Chloe) Kevin assures Dylan that Chelsea had nothing to do with it. Both decide it’s Victor.

Victor wants to make things right. What’s to stop Adam from going to the police, telling them everything. That wouldn’t change the ten years sentence or give Adam what he wants – freedom from his Father. You never have to see me again. Chelsea and Connor will go too. Victor’s willing to sacrifice never seeing Connor again – for him and Adam.

When Noah joins the rest of the family in appealing to Summer, she turns to Jack (who remains silent as he steps closer to Phyllis) Daniel? You’re the only one who gets it – true love, right? Yes, but if this man’s not who you think he is, Daniel will help throw him out of town. As Summer and Luca run off hand in hand, Dylan arrives. Proving Luca’s the saboteur will have to wait – Adam escaped. He had help – where’s Victor? And Nikki??