Thursday, August 25th

Vikki assures Dylan that her parents have nothing to do with Adam’s escape. After he runs off to the ranch, Phyllis gripes about the police not investigating Luca – she’ll do it herself. Jack stops her – there’s nothing more you can do.

At home, Luca should have know the family would try something like this – unbelievable. I’ve tried, been patient – I’m done. Every single one of them was against us, Summer pouts. Luca suggests they elope to Italy. Why even come back? Come on slowpoke – let’s pack. Summer wants to stay and clear Luca’s name. He doesn’t care what they think. Do you care what *I* think?

Kevin asks the uniformed cop to stand guard outside the penthouse – then tells Chloe and Chelsea that they suspect Victor. Chelsea’s worried – what’s his plan?

Victor tells Adam that there’s not turning back – he must say goodbye to everyone he knows. When this phone rings make the most important pitch of your life. Adam takes the phone. Dad, I don’t know what to say. Victor comes back in – we’ve hurt each other a lot. I’ve hurt you more. This is for family. Adam clasps the hand Victor places on his shoulder. Cue the sad music as Victor exits.

Nikki’s surprised when Dylan and Nick barge into the ranch. Where’s Dad? Upstairs sleeping. Adam escaped – we think Victor’s behind it.

At the bar, Jack convinces Phyllis to leave Summer alone. Daniel comes over to agree – it’ll blow up in your face.

Across the room, Travis is sorry he couldn’t get through to Summer. Vikki has another problem – her brother’s escaped on his way to prison and her parents disappeared. Let’s get out of here, they leave hand in hand. Mariah arrives as Sharon decides to take a drunk Noah home. You’re the smart one, you’ll never choose the wrong man, Noah slurs.

Victor’s responsible for putting Adam in prison AND helping him escape?! Ridiculous! Nikki sent Victor home. Is he really upstairs? Dylan has to ask. Nick will go look for himself. Victor appears in jeans and a T-shirt. After Nikki goes to run an errand, Victor asks about Adam missing. How the hell do I know where he is? Bring him back safely. I’m as concerned as you are. Go find my son. Dylan’s not going anywhere. You think he’s here? Is he?

Nice place – Travis has been taken home to Vikki’s. The kids are with their Dad. Both are sorry Summer won’t listen to what everyone’s telling her. Love makes people do crazy things, Travis says.

Summer needs Luca to be honest – everyone’s saying you’re behind the oil spills. You said you couldn’t fine Travis. That was a lie. Luca did it – to prove himself at NE but went too far. His priorities changed when he fell in love with Summer. Thanks for standing by me. Let’s go start our new life together. Summer’s only going to the police station with Luca. Turn yourself in or I will.

You can’t tell Summer how to live her life, Daniel reminds Phyllis how it went with him. I turned out OK. Phyllis wishes he’d brought Heather and Lucy. If she gets through this wedding it’ll be because he’s home. Daniel then comes face to face with Mariah.