Friday, August 26th

Today’s show opens with Nick and Vikki and includes some fun flashbacks and bloopers.

In the cabin, Adam’s on video chat with Chelsea. Soon we’ll all be together but for now, they have to trust that Victor will keep his word.

Dylan sends cops to search the ranch, the has it out with a furious Victor – first I put Adam in prison then I broke him out!?

At the penthouse, Nikki assures Chloe that Victor’s not coming after anyone – you and your baby are safe. How can you know that? Kevin wonders.

As Travis and Vikki kiss and start to undress in her living room, Billy rings the bell then lets himself in with his key.

Still at the Tower, Phyllis tells Mariah that Cassie was killed in a horrible accident. No, she’s right, it’s my fault she’s dead, Daniel corrects.

Jack wants to hear from Summer, not Luca (that she’s OK) We can work through this, Luca tries to convince Summer. And when she asks Jack to call the police, Luca grabs Summer.

Adam tells Chelsea to move quickly. Nothing will go wrong. The town’s cameras will be turned off. We have no choice but to trust Victor. Chelsea comes around and doesn’t need the directions again. They exchange I love you’s – not goodbyes.

Chelsea tells Nikki that she’s feeling better after watching Connor sleep. Adam will always be with us. Nikki will be praying for Chelsea, Adam and Connor. Chloe reminds Nikki that Connor’s playing with her phone – don’t you need it?

Billy let himself in for Johnny’s Bumpy The Camel book. He hopes ‘Skipper’ isn’t here to take Vikki and his kids off sailing. No, Travis is in GC for good (much to Vikki’s surprise)

His arms wrapped around Summer, Luca tells Jack to put his phone down. He’s behind the oil spills, Summer blurts out. You’re supposed to be loyal to ME not your family! Luca’s desperate.Why’d you let them come between us?!

Victor continues to deny Dylan and Nick’s accusations. He’d never help Adam ‘abscond’ with his grandson. Dylan gives Victor two choices – stay downstairs or come to the station.

Nikki tells Chelsea to stay strong ~hug~ Everything will be OK. After Nikki leaves, Chelsea decides to go up to cuddle with Connor. After a heartfelt thanks to Chloe, Chelsea heads up fighting tears.