Thursday, August 25th

Back at the penthouse, Nikki rushes in to gush over her sweet, precious Connor. Kevin silently gestures to ask Chelsea and Chloe if she’s been drinking. Are you OK? Yes, Nikki’s sorry for barging in. Hugging Chelsea, Nikki whispers – she gave Connor a cell phone. Dial the number programmed in it when you’re alone.

Vikki supposes Travis is heading back. Yes, he got the part for his generator. He didn’t just come back to help Summer. Travis made a mistake. He wants more than fantasy – I want you ~kiss~

Luca still wants a life with Summer. He’s sorry it went this far – but it’s over – don’t complicate things. YOU made things complicated, she says (and won’t let him escape to let Travis take the fall) As they’re wrestling over the phone, Jack bursts in.

Mariah hasn’t seen an ‘I’ve seen a ghost’ face in a while. You must be Daniel, the reason my sister’s dead.

Chelsea thanks Nikki for stopping by. Quietly to Kevin, Chloe doesn’t get ‘all the love’. Connor’s lucky to have a grandma who love shim so much. As Chelsea takes Connor up to bed, Nikki pauses to chat with Kevin and Chloe – no one knows where Adam is or where he’s going.

Dylan doesn’t need a warrant when he’s looking for an escaped fugitive. Get out! Dylan’s not going anywhere and neither are you. You’re under house arrest until the ranch is searched.

In the cabin, Adam’s phone rings. He and Chelsea facetime. Yes, he’s OK. Chelsea blathers – this is real right? Yes, we’re gonna be together.

Next: Our only chance at a future together is my Father keeping his word. We have to trust him … Walking in, Billy catches Vikki and Travis half dressed in the livingroom … Luca put down the phone. I don’t wanna hurt her, Luca tells Jack (as he pulls a scared Summer close)

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