Friday, August 26th

Summer knows that deep down Luca’s a good person. Jack agrees – if the police don’t catch you Victor will. Hurt his granddaughter and there’s no turning back. Releasing Summer, Luca hugs her – and apologizes – as Jack calls the police.

While Vikki goes to get Johnny’s book, Billy takes some verbal jabs at Travis (who knows he didn’t come back here for a book, you came for Vikki)

Phyllis won’t let Daniel feel guilty – Cassie wouldn’t blame you and Mariah doesn’t understand. Accompanied by flashbacks, Daniel explains how and why Cassie got behind the wheel of his car. Asked to leave them, Phyllis warns Mariah to keep her claws in. Mariah tells Daniel that she’s not Cassie, she’s her evil twin.

Vikki’s glad to come down to find no blood. She couldn’t find the book but here’s another one. Time to move onto something new anyway, Billy says – as you were. Now alone, Vikki apologizes and wants to pick up where they left off. Travis wonders if her ex will always find a way back in.

Victor reminds Dylan of when he kidnapped Connor. You and I are not the same – Dylan would never put his son in the position Victor did his. Time will tell, Victor doesn’t think Dylan that different.

Upstairs, Chelsea has Connor ready to go. This time, our new life with Daddy will work out – it has to. Downstairs, Kevin returns to tell Chloe that the perimeter is secure. No one can get in. Chloe worries – Chelsea seemed weird. I’m gonna go check on her.

Are you guys OK? Chloe creeps into Chelsea’s bedroom and finding the bed empty comes down to shout – they’re gone!!

Back at the Tower, Mariah and Daniel joke and chat. Kevin talks about you a lot, Daniel confides. No, not about awkward sex and flower theft. He can’t function without you. Sure he can – Chloe’s back in town – she’s all he needs, Mariah replies.

As he’s lead out in handcuffs, Luca tells Summer that he did love her – that’s real. When Nick arrives, Summer runs into his arms crying. Luca admitted everything. Jack confirms – then he snapped. She was so strong, so brave. Summer wails ‘I did this tom myself’. Jack must call Phyllis – she’ll want Luca’s head on a platter.

Now at Jabot, Phyllis isn’t happy to find Billy on the elevator and when he eludes to walking in on Vikki with Travis, Phyllis can see that he’s jealous and concludes that she wasn’t the only one cheating when they were together. After Phyllis marches off, Billy stops the doors from closing and steps off too.