Friday, August 26th

Daniel and Mariah discuss Kevin and Chloe. She’s mad that she hurt him. Daniel can see Mariah’s resemblance to Cassie – they have the same heart.

Following Phyllis into the office, Billy gets an earful from Phyllis (who believes he loves Vikki – I was a consolation prize, a distraction)

Vikki assures Travis that she and Billy are over. They’re connected by the kids, not love. Billy’s probably between women. Vikki wants to take a chance on something new – something real with Travis (who locks the door and leans a chair under the doorknob) Now they pick up where they left off.

Nikki comes home to find Dylan and a cop standing guard. She doesn’t like being a prisoner in her own home. Dylan then gets a call – put out an APB and Amber alert. Nikki and Victor pretend to be shocked that Chelsea and Connor are missing. No! She didn’t help. How can Dylan speak to her like this!? Knowing they’re lying, Dylan leaves.

Chelsea and Connor reunite with Adam at the cabin. We’ll never be apart again, Adam promises.

Nick and Jack continue to console Summer – stop beating yourself up. We’ll always have your back. You have a beautiful heart – don’t change that. Aside, Jack leaves a message for Phyllis – where are you? Summer needs you – now.

Why are we talking about Vikki? Billy reminds Phyllis that she went back to Jack and said she didn’t love him. Phyllis then drops the bomb that Billy’s Mother was behind that – she knows about us.

At the penthouse, a furious Dylan grills Chloe and Kevin – how did Chelsea get out with Connor?!

What now? Adam informs that a small plane will take them to a private jet. Then it’s off to a foreign country with these fake passports. Our new last name is ‘Marasmus’ (?) it means beloved. Chelsea talks about sneaking out of the penthouse through a passageway Adam built between the penthouses when he was sneaking in to see Connor (as Gabe) We’ll have a lifetime together, Chelsea promises with a kiss.

Next: In the back of a closet, Dylan finds the secret passageway … If Chelsea’s on the run with Adam, Kevin starts. …I’ll never see my best friend, Chloe interrupts… Flanked by cops, Dylan yanks Chelsea out of bed. You’re under arrest, Adam’s told.