Monday, August 29th

Today’s show opens with Sharon, Phyllis, Dylan.

At Summer’s, Jack’s still not able to reach Phyllis – she’ll be here as soon as she checks her messages. Aside, Jack tells Nick that he’s tried everywhere looking for Phyllis.

At Jabot, Phyllis tells Billy that his Mother blackmailed her into going back to Jack – he can’t find out from her. Billy vows to fix this tonight – I’ll show her how blackmail’s done.

Collin’s prepared a romantic dinner for Jill at the estate. You’re slipping, she says – knowing he’s up to something.

At the penthouse, Kevin defends Chloe to Dylan (they have no idea where Chelsea is)

Outside the cabin, Adam thinks about the guard he attacked – he has daughters. If he dies, they’ll never see him again. It’s a tragedy – but Chelsea points out why he wasn’t in his right mind. Adam worries that Chelsea hasn’t thought this through.

Upstairs, Dylan finds a secret passageway in the back of Chelsea’s closet. Flashlight in hand, in he goes.

Chelsea’s fine with giving everything up – as long as she and Adam are together. She knows what she can live without and what she can’t.

As Chloe and Kevin chat, Dylan walks in the front door. How’d he get out of the penthouse? Same way Chelsea did.

Nick continues to comfort Summer – who now realizes her family was trying to protect her. Jack updates on Adam’s escape – the police are searching Victor’s ranch. Nick relays him and Dylan confronting Victor. Summer sends Nick off to be with Chelsea – she’s got Jack ~hug~

Phyllis stops Billy from going to confront Jill. It doesn’t matter what she wants now that Billy knows Phyllis wants to be with him.