Monday, August 29th

Over dinner, Jill isn’t buying Collin’s innocent act. You’re too much of an adversary for me – but he knows Jill has an agenda with Billy and Vikki. Jill’s annoyed then amused. She will only answer one question. What are you holding over Billy’s head? Not a damn thing, Jill heads off to hr bubble bath.

Phyllis talks of collateral damage; Jack, the kids. WE did this, not Jill (who Billy wants to go talk to right now so they can be together) Do you want to be with me? Noting a 911 tet from Jack, Phyllis calls him and wastes no time leaving – my daughter needs me.

Dylan tells Kevin and Chloe about the secret passage to the other apartment. Nick arrives – where did Chelsea go?! Dylan thinks Nick might know.

Adam doesn’t want them both looking over their shoulders – and there’s Connor to think of. We’ll all have to live our entire lives on the run.

Chelsea won’t waste their night debating (yet does anyway) Adam worries about when Connor discovers the Internet – he’ll know his parents lied to him his entire life. He shares his nightmare of an adult Connor hating him. What he can’t live with is Connor hating his Mom.

Nick doesn’t know anything about Chelsea’s whereabouts or the secret passageway. Adam asked me to look out for his son! Is that OK!?

Phyllis bursts in to hug Summer; she’s OK because of Jack. Luca? He’s in police custody. He confessed to being behind the sabotage. Hearing how amazing Jack was, Phyllis is happy to hear he saved her daughter.

Billy finds Collin having a glass of wine by himself. Jill’s up having a bath. No, Billy doesn’t like having Collin around. Too bad, Collin might be the only one who can help Billy (but taking Jill back to Chicago – for a price of course)

Jack continues to play the humble hero. Summer wants to be the one to call off the Minister – it’ll give her closure. Oh the regrets she has. Summer might swear off men forever (and blathers on about falling in love with the wrong guy; something Phyllis can obviously relate to)

Collin wants Billy to look upon this as a business arrangement but needs more information to be an effective partner. Jill comes down – not pleased to hear Collin’s on a fishing expedition.

Yes, of course Dylan believes Nick. He also apologizes for Kevin and Chloe. He out his job on the line to help Adam and now looks like an idiot. Chelsea has no idea how much danger she’s in. Chloe murmurs.