Monday, August 29th

More of the same with Adam and Chelsea (who’s sure Connor won’t hate his Father) She’ll have no regrets – please don’t send me away. Oh how Adam loves Chelsea ~kiss~

Finally done talking, Chelsea and Adam make out in bed.

Back at the penthouse, Dylan can’t promise that Chelsea will be safe. She’s not a fugitive, Chloe knows she just wants to be with her husband. Nick suggests that Dylan look the other way.

Billy doesn’t want to talk to his Mom – he’s only there to check on the kids. Collin’s left to conclude that Jill’s not holding something over Billy’s head – but she is holding something over someone else’s head. I wonder who it is.

With I love you’s for Jack and Phyllis, Summer goes to bed after wishing she could have a relationship like theirs. Now alone, Jack asks where Phyllis was. Her phone was on silent (but rings) Who is it? Jack asks (it’s Billy of course)

Phyllis has been waiting for this call from Harris. Jack leaves her to answer. We have unfinished business. It’ll have to wait Billy, Phyllis hangs up (much to his chagrin)

Cops burst into the cabin. You’re both under arrest, Dylan yanks Chelsea out of bed. Just a nightmare, she tells Adam.

Kevin noticed the look on Chloe’s face when Nick suggested Dylan let Chelsea and Adam go. Chloe’s not sure it’s the best thing for Chloe (and looks pale as Nick continues to pressure Dylan)

Next: The Ashby’s have news for Neil; We did what you should have a long time ago. We went to see your Mother …. If he’s off the grid forever, Chloe and Bella can live their lives, Kevin (with Chloe) tells Mariah. Here? Yes, here…. Sharon tells Dylan that Nick’s right – let them go (Chelsea and Adam cuddle in bed)