Monday, September 19th

Kevin asked Chloe about Bella’s Dad – he doesn’t know. Mike’s sure Chloe has her reasons – respect her privacy. Chloe claims he has a complicated life – and Kevin’s annoyed that Mike’s telling him to ignore it. Doesn’t this guy deserve to know? Mike tells him to think long and hard – having Bella’s Father around might be bad news for everyone.

Dylan won’t risk losing his own son – the investigation’s over (but that doesn’t stop him from badgering Chelsea one more time on what she’s withholding re: Victor) It’s personal for you too, Chelsea reminds (your Mom, Sharon) Maybe the restraining order’s best for everyone.

Still at the park, Nick relays that Chelsea told him to forget the promise he made to Adam. Sharon tattles that she found Chelsea crying – maybe because Victor had been there. Nick has no intention of breaking his promise to Adam – he will watch out for Connor)

Phyllis was furious that day (at Victor) no one understood me. Except Billy – Jack hopes it didn’t happen in their bed (but is equally disturbed that it was the cabin) Phyllis shouts – you didn’t want to see my rage and anger!! Now she weeps – I felt empty. I want to feel whole again. Please, she pleads. Jack felt her pain but didn’t want to obsess on revenge. Boy, you sure punished me. Victor’s cruelty, he’s got nothing on you.

Now at the studio, Chloe suggests Chelsea focus on today – our business – our kids ~hug~

Nikki and Victor don’t have the same reaction to seeing Jack’s interview on TV. See? Victor was right to keep that punk away from Vikki as much as he could.

Speaking from experience, Cane tells Billy that he let lies and secrets come between him and Lily – but they came out of it stronger (maybe Jack and Phyllis will too)

Meanwhile, Jill tells Vikki that Billy needs us to stop him from going over the edge. Will Vikki really turn her back on the Father of her children because she has Travis? What will you tell the kids when their Daddy hits rock bottom – or worse.

On the front step, an emotional Jack once took months to make his way back home – to Phyllis. I was patient, gave you space when you needed it. The more I loved you the more you resented me. An affair didn’t hurt enough – knowing what family meant to me, you slept with my brother. Now you’re gonna get exactly what you wanted. As Jack leaves, a devastated Phyllis slides down the glass door into a puddle of her own tears.

Mike arrives – oh wow, it’s worse than I thought (he gives Phyllis a hug and a pep talk) The love you and Jack share doesn’t just go away. He wants a divorce. Then talk him out of it. No, Phyllis will give Jack what he wants.

Jack drops by the ranch to talk privately to Victor; who taunts him about drinking and the interview. Does he feel any responsibility for Phyllis’ behavior? The answer is a flat NO.

Billy’s decided to work from home – Cane and Vikki can handle the shoot. Vikki and Jill come out to challenge him to stick around. Billy will stay – but ONLY because the company’s important to me. After the men march out, Jill tells Vikki ‘good job’.

When Nick shows up at the studio, Chloe goes to check inventory. Using humour, Nick explains why he can’t break his promise to Adam. Chelsea doesn’t appreciate him joking about the matter.

Nikk’s delighted to run into Dylan at CL’s. He grumbles about her getting her wish. When Sharon arrives, he says it’s her lucky day. Hope you’re happy – someone should be.

Chelsea needs to work through this her way. She needs space. OK, Nick will go – but he’s available. He knows it can be hell to get through. If you need someone who knows, I’m your guy. Nick, wait, Chelsea calls him back.