Tuesday, September 20th

Arriving at Jabot, Jack’s all business – the receptionist is to box up Phyllis’ belongings and get them off the premises asap and get the latest financial research on Newman Enterprises – now. Marching into his office, he comes face to face with the ‘PHYLLIS LOVES JACK’ Billy wrote on the wall behind the desk.

At Brash n Sassy, Vikki and Billy are still bickering about how to sell cosmetics. The one thing they agree on is that Cane’s not the one making the decisions.

Jill manages to interrupt Travis’ run at the park. She admires his stamina – Vikki must too. Yes, she does have something to say to him.

At the club, Neil and the kids discuss the press still chasing their story (not good for the Foundation) It should blow over as long as no one else talks to the press.

No comment, Phyllis snarls at the reporters as she’s unable to access Jabot through a side door. OK – I’ll give you all the gory details, she decides.

As Jack furiously cleans the wall, Ashley relays how an anguished Billy wrote it. Jack doesn’t want Phyllis’ name on his wall – or her in his home, family or company. Don’t you dare try to convince me otherwise!

Ashley calms Jack down – that’s what family does (looks out for each other) Tell Billy that, Jack snipes – no one’s walking all over him anymore. The list goes beyond Billy and Phyllis; anyone who knew will pay a heavy price (Jill and Victor)

Seated on a park bench, Jill knows all about the bare-chested Travis. She’s looking for someone like him; ethical and energetic to oversee some of Chancellor’s divisions. It’s a huge job with spectacular compensation. And based in Hong Kong (far away from Vikki) Travis guesses.

Back at Brash n Sassy, Cane asks Billy and Vikki to put their issues aside to get some work done. Vikki gets an alert on her phone – Phyllis is about to give a press conference to GC Buzz.

At the club, Neil and the kids watch Phyllis make a statement for the press – she wants to set the record straight.

Ashley worries about Jack being hell bent on revenge – look what it did to Phyllis. Look after yourself Jackie! Go visit Kyle – or focus on the Foundation or other good things. Jack’s left alone to watch Phyllis tell the press that she made a mistake (Billy, Vikki and Cane also watch as Phyllis asks the press to leave Jack alone – I’m committed to him and my marriage) Did you hear what she called you? Vikki needles Billy – a mistake. When Ashley rejoins Jack, he knows what to do next.

You want to help my relationship with Vikki? Or beat it to death with a blunt object? Travis jokes. Jill can tell that Travis enjoys a challenge – and she’s offering him a worthy one. Or – he can jog all day and live off Vikki. Travis takes a pass – have a good day. And maybe next time they bump into each other jogging Jill will have taken the price tag off her running shoes.

Meeting Summer inside, Phyllis explains that she came in through the loading dock. She talked to the press (hoping to get the press off Jack’s back and win him back) She really needs to talk to Jack – now’s not the time to run and hide. So it’s about what you want over respecting Jack’s wishes? Summer will talk to him on Phyllis’ behalf but don’t get your hopes up.