Monday, September 19th

Things are NOT going well at Brash n Sassy. Jill shuts Billy and Vikki up – we have an important commercial to prep for. Billy and Cane are sent off to run the script. Jill’s left to agree with Vikki that what Billy did WAS despicable – no argument here.

At the ranch, Nikki boasts that she thinks she’s put a stop to Dylan’s investigation. That’s nice – but look what Victor’s found online; Billy and Phyllis are having an affair. Poor Jack, Nikki sighs. Yes, Victor’s heart is ‘bleeding’ (not so much)

Phyllis cries – a divorce? We can fix this! Don’t give up on us! Why not? Jack’s cold – you sure as hell did.

Bumping into Sharon at the park, Nick’s pleased to hear that she has her job back. He didn’t fare as well with Chelsea – she wants me to stay out of her life.

On the rooftop, Kevin confides in Mike – Chloe’s hiding something – something huge.

Entering the patio, Chloe and Chelsea spot Dylan inside CL’s. Deciding not to leave, the ladies are surprised to hear the investigation’s dropped due to Victor’s restraining order. When did that ever stop you? Chelsea asks Dylan.

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The destruction of Jack and Phyllis’ marriage does indeed ‘move’ Victor. But don’t blame him (or Marco) Phyllis jumped in the sack with Nick too, Victor reminds a more sympathetic Nikki. There’s only one person responsible.

In the lab, Billy scoffs at Cane offering a sympathetic ear. Sure Cane wants to run BnS, but he wants to earn it based on his business acumen. Billy’s more worried about Jack and Phyllis. Cane’s seen this with Hilary cheating on Neil with Devon. Billy hopes Jack and Phyllis reconcile. Is that what you really want? Because that’s what Cane thinks will happen.

Vikki doesn’t want the kids around Billy at this moment – and she won’t feel sorry for him; let him stew in it. In this case, Jill thinks that would be a huge mistake – one Vikki can’t afford to mistake.

I chose you, I chose our marriage, Phyllis snivels. This marriage died the day you crawled into bed with Billy, Jack snarls – and what were you and Billy doing while I was at Adam’s memorial? Save your breath – I have my answer.