Monday, September 19th

Filming the commercial at the studio, there’s a lot of ‘can someone tell Billy that’ and ‘can someone tell Vikki that’. Enough! Jill and Cane demand they act like professionals.

Mike knows that Jack’s wounds are fresh – he only sees one way out. Having lived both sides of this, he knows it takes a lot of work and a promise that must be made over and over til Jack listens. He’s only thinking of what went wrong – remind of what was right.

You honestly believe your actions played no part? Victor assumes Jack’s referring to Marco – but what does that have to do with Phyllis cheating? Victor had nothing to do with Billy being in Phyllis’ bed. She didn’t just want sex. She wanted to find someone who hated me as much as she did. Jack fits that description right now.

Restraining order? No, Nikki had no idea – Victor didn’t mention it. Asked to give Sharon and Dylan some privacy, Nikki thinks the restraining order is for the best. On the patio, Sharon is happy Dylan’s dropped the investigation and hopes it won’t come between them. Lies kill a relationship, but that’s not us – we have nothing to worry about, Dylan gives Sharon a hug.

At the park, Kevin stammers before getting to the point – he apologizes for asking about Bella’s Dad. You’re the only parent she needs. No more questions. Chloe’s thrilled – she never thinks about the guy anymore.

Billy warns Vikki that she’ll have a fight on her hands if she tries to take the kids away from him.

Chelsea apologizes and appreciates Nick’s offer. Let’s leave it that.

Mike can imagine how angry Jack was but he’s a fair man; and he loves you. What does Phyllis really want? Her marriage, her husband. Then fight, Mike advises – I don’t know how Jack could resist you. Phyllis smiles through her tears – I’ll get him back.

Since escaping the hell Victor created for him, Jack’s wanted nothing to do with the feud. He hoped Phyllis would come around too. But making peace with you is a waste of time. Victor thinks that sounds like a declaration of war. This war never ended and it just escalated, Jack growls.

Next: Neil and the kids gather around a tablet to watch Phyllis’ press conference in the park; There seems to be some rumours circulating about my personal life. I’m here to set the record straight… You were right, Jack says. Oh yeah? About what? Ashley asks. What I do next, Jack seems determined.