Tuesday, September 20th

Ashley’s happy to hear that Jack’s called a Foundation meeting. Summer enters and runs into Jack’s arms without saying a word.

This could still explode – things like this can have a negative impact for years to come. Neil and the kids all get texts – Jack’s called a meeting.

Cane’s had enough of Billy and Vikki – this is not working. Vikki’s left to tell Billy that Phyllis seems desperate to fix her marriage. This wasn’t a fling, Billy admits – we were in love. Jill blackmailed Phyllis into dumping me. She’s so sure you and I are meant to be together. She probably thinks we’re one step closer to that. Travis arrives – bad time? After Billy leaves, Travis asks what he walked in on. Vikki can’t tell him. You can’t or you won’t?

Summer won’t make excuses for her Mom – but she does love you, Jack. He doesn’t want to come between Phyllis and Summer. His feelings for her won’t change after the divorce. Divorce? Summer somehow seems surprised.

Upstairs at the club, Ashley, Neil and his kids are waiting for Jack to arrive for the meeting when Phyllis arrives. Ashley makes it clear that she’s not invited. Jack can tell me that, Phyllis scowls. As Ashley’s reading Phyllis the riot act, Billy appears to stop her. With a few choice words for Billy too, Ashley slams into Lily’s office. Billy then wastes no time letting Phyllis know that he doesn’t like her referring to him as a ‘mistake’.

Vikki tells Travis that Jill knew about the affair and blackmailed Phyllis into dumping Billy. Why are you so aggravated? Travis has to ask.

The affair was wrong, selfish and cruel, Phyllis says. Yes – but that’s not the same thing as it being a mistake. Are you trying to hurt me? Billy wonders. Jack appears – spit it out; all the gory details, Jack appears – your husband and lover can’t wait to hear it.

Travis wonders if Vikki’s lying to herself. She just hates the drama and worries about her kids. Billy should just accept that the fling is over and go lick his wounds. Travis suggests that Vikki’s troubled because maybe Billy and Phyllis WERE in love.

Jack oozes sarcasm – Billy and Phyllis are free to be together – go get a room – don’t worry about me (not that you ever did) After Billy goes into Lily’s office, Phyllis asks Jack if he saw her statement – she deflected the press. Is Jack supposed to say thank you? You’re fired from Jabot and the Foundation. But we’ve conquered the worst together, Phyllis implores. No – THIS is the worst. We’re done, DONE, Jack says – then walks inside to take the meeting.

Jack assures Neil that he’s not going off the rails. His first order of business is to apologize to everyone.