Tuesday, September 20th

Downstairs, Cane joins Jill to whine about Billy and Vikki fighting (he can’t tell if they hate each other or want to find the nearest bed) What happened to this being a business venture not a matchmaking project? Oh – you haven’t see Phyllis’ press conference, Cane realizes – there will be casualties.

Hearing a loud noise, Phyllis walks into the office to see a worker grinding Billy’s message off the wall.

Travis can see where Billy gets his entitlement from (what Jill wants, Jill gets?) He wonders if Vikki’s still tied to Billy in a way she doesn’t want to admit.

Jack’s sorry for blind-siding them (all understand) His perspective has changed – the foundation was created to help people. But life has a way of opening our eyes. This Foundation is nothing more than a fraud. Billy and the others look puzzled.

After watching Phyllis’ press conference, Cane hopes Jill’s not thinking of using it as business leverage. Spotting Phyllis’ arrival, Jill makes a beeline to the bar. Phyllis is irritated that Jill’s still trying to push Billy and Vikki together – leave them alone. And she’s not giving up on Jack.

Jack wants to finish his spiel – relapse is part of recovery. 9 out of 10 people will revert to type. Isn’t that right Billy? Jack’s the poster child for failure. His mistake was trying to get clean. Not the pills – the cheating, scheming, revenge. Jack convinced himself that he saw the light – wanted to live a life of decency and kindness. What did all that self-righteousness get me? Redemption isn’t real – the old Jack is back (and he’s done with the Foundation) I quit!

Next: Then you’ve heard the rumour? What rumour? That you beat up your wife …. I want you to get it through your insanely thick skill that Billy and I are never getting back together….If you look into your heart you’ll find the truth. You love me too.

My Thoughts: Free spirit and roamer-of-the-world Travis is content barely breaking a sweat while running through GC’s most congested park? No winding paths through interesting scenery? Perhaps a few hills to give an athlete of Travis’ standing a challenge? Did he really just trade sailing solo around the world for deeking in and out of toddlers meandering about the park with ice creams melting in one hand and a balloon tied to the other? If Travis is half the exciting man Jill thinks he is, why is he satisfied being no more to Vikki than a very handsome purse she carries around …. Oh great – ole Smilin’ Jack’s back; a bit long in the tooth, or is it dentures now? Either way, Jack may have skated by on his dimple and charm 20 years ago, but his win-loss ratio wasn’t stellar then either. If Victor thinks he’s chuckling now, just wait til he gets a load of ‘I’m back Jack’. Because, let’s face it, after all Victor’s gotten away with, no way is Jack going to take him down. He had tons of ammo on Victor and didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger. Yes, that’s right. I said it.