Wednesday, September 21st

Yes, Jack’s very serious about resigning from the foundation. He no longer believes in second chances thanks to incurable addict Billy. Jack slept with my Mother while she was married to his Dad, Billy tells Jack to shove the martyr act. All listen as Billy tells Jack that he’s just as responsible for his marriage blowing up.

At the club’s bar, a ‘concerned’ Nikki worries about ‘fallout’ – telling Phyllis that Jack came out to the ranch to declare war on Victor (and hopes Phyllis doesn’t plan to go after Victor too) Because I have nothing left to live for but revenge? Phyllis smirks into her drink.

At Brash n Sassy, Vikki is concerned about Billy’s behavior but not jealous. Travis wants to give her space to work things out. Huh? Are you saying we should stop seeing each other? Vikki’s surprised.

Billy announces that Phyllis was more than a friend – she loved me. As Jack lunges, Neil and Devon step in. Hilary arrives to hear Ashley declare the meeting over. Oh, it’s OVER! Jack agrees.

Travis doesn’t want to make things more complicated while Vikki sorts things out with Billy. He needs to get a job and a place of his own. I’m still crazy about you, he assures. I’ll be out by the time you come home from work. OK, if you think it’s best for us, Vikki’s still puzzled.

Nikki knows what Victor did scarred Phyllis (and her marriage) – that’s why she worries. That I’m on the attack? Phyllis just wants to finish her drink in peace. My desire for retaliation has cost me everything, Phyllis has even lost her job (despite the interview she gave the press)

I’ll have my lawyers draw up the paperwork, Jack leaves all stunned. As Devon updates Hilary, Neil accosts Jack in the hallway – I see a man heading for a dark place. Don’t abandon this project. We DO have something to offer. We can’t save everybody, but …. Jack wants no part of it – have a good day. Neil’s left to shrug off Hilary (as Devon and Lily watch Jack storm out)

Back in her office, Lily can’t believe Devon just stood there while Hilary ran after Jack. Devon’s not making excuses – sure, Hilary made a move on Jack but we moved past that. She’s as happy in this marriage as I am. Lily’s not so sure.

Hilary’s in Jack’s office because she feels he needs a friend. You were there for me – let me return the favour.