Wednesday, September 21st

At home, Billy rants to Ashley that Jack’s a hypocrite – but of course you’re on HIS side. Ashley thinks Jack had every reason to lash out. BILLY’S the one who should resign from the board – focus on Brash n Sassy and your own life! Stay the hell out of Jack’s way – and away from Phyllis!

Nikki hopes Phyllis doesn’t give up on Jack – you love each other (and she’s been there – loving her husband but not sure the marriage will survive) Nikki then gives Phyllis a lesson on how to earn forgiveness. Crying into a martini is NOT ‘trying everything’ – and it sure as hell isn’t the Phyllis I know.

Next on Nikki’s good will tour – Brash n Sassy to counsel Vikki (who’s perturbed that Travis is getting his own place) Yes, maybe she IS bothered a little by the thought of Billy being with Phyllis.

Lily makes it clear that she’s not over her dislike of Hilary (and is sure she’ll cheat again) Devon makes a good point – Lily cheated too – TWICE. Why is it ‘once a cheater always a cheater’ for Hilary yet Lily claims to have learned from her mistake. You can’t have it both ways.

Phyllis is ‘home’ – Jack? Jack? She flashes back to happier times; Jack’s declaration of love and proposal. Now, she sits on the stairs to look all forlorn and lonely.

Hilary defends Phyllis; she loves you and is filled with remorse (she can tell all this from the TV interview) Phyllis is punishing herself. She should be, Jack snarls – and Billy has no excuse. He can rot in hell.

Ashley loves both her brothers and works every day with Phyllis – this is killing me too; watching my family fall apart. You’re selfish and immature, she tells Billy that it’s fine if he wants to be alone – but don’t you dare call me when you hit rock bottom again!

Maybe in the deep recesses of Vikki’s mind, she thought Billy would be there if she wanted to try again. But now that door is closed. Vikki’s mad at herself for not being more invested in Travis. He gets me; he’s patient, kind, strong – calm in the eye of a storm. Eyebrow raised, Nikki thinks Vikki should be talking to someone else.

Lily never meant to hurt anyone (then reminds Devon of Hilary’s past) People can change, Devon insists; Hilary has a new perspective on life (he has no doubts that his wife loves him) Not everyone gets the happy ending we do.

Looking at the sketch of Kay, Billy pours a drink the answers Neil’s pounding at the door. No, he’s not asking Billy to resign. Billy knows Neil’s a good man and won’t bring him down too. Neil plays sponsor – lecturing Billy on drinking and gambling. You endured the lowest of lows when Delia died, but in time moved on. Billy wonders if Jack’s not right – perhaps there’s no helping someone like me.

Jack isn’t happy to come home to Phyllis. She now admits she DID know what she was doing and takes full responsibility. I destroyed our life together. What Phyllis can’t accept that this is the end. I’ll never stop loving you. Forgive me.