Wednesday, September 21st

Vikki comes home to put Travis’ bag aside – I don’t need space or time to figure things out with Billy. I haven’t been fair to you. You’re my present and hopefully my future (Billy’s the past)

Billy listens as Neil talks about breaking the cycle – for your kids. You know where you have to begin. Work the steps. Step one; admit you’re powerless, your life is unmanageable. Moral inventory – make amends to those you’ve hurt. Easier said than done, Billy sighs. Neil knows it’s not easy – you know where to start. Billy’s left to think.

When Nikki heads up to the CEO’s office to announce that she told Phyllis not to give up on Jack, Ashley’s pissed – that’s the worst thing you could have done!

You don’t want my forgiveness – you want me to set you free of your guilt, Jack knows – then sarcastically says ‘I forgive you’. Now go live your life. When Phyllis talks of happy memories in this house, Jack snarls that HIS memories are replaced with images of Phyllis in Billy’s arms. And if she’s so tormented by memories in this house, she can get the hell out!

Vikki’s not being impulsive. She doesn’t want space from Travis – she’d be stupid not to give this a chance. Go put your stuff away and make this your home with me and the kids. Is that an order? Travis jokes – then kisses her.

Mauling Devon, Hilary says she feels lucky to have him. Keep it that way, Lily sneers from behind the bar. Neil then arrives to update on his chat with Billy. Hilary didn’t get anywhere with Jack. She’s worried about what he’ll do next.

Ashley doesn’t want Phyllis and Jack to reconcile. He shouldn’t ever look back. She’s never deserved him.

Jack’s sure Phyllis will land on her feet – go stay with Billy. I’ll pack a bag. As both head up the stairs, Phyllis grabs Jack’s arm. She tumbles to the bottom in a crumpled heap. What did you do to her?! Billy arrives. Phyllis?! Phyllis?! Jack’s understandably alarmed.

Next: Ashley tells Abby that both her brothers need to run as far away from her as they can and never look back ….A woman hit her head. she’s unconscious, Paul announces. Why would they call you? Kevin wonders. It’s at the Abbott estate. Phyllis!? … Phyllis, can you hear me? Jack takes her pulse as Billy’s on the phone.