Thursday, September 22nd

Let go of my arm. Let go! Jack demands as he finally yanks his arm out of Phyllis grasp. What did you do to her?! Billy walks in to almost trip over a motionless Phyllis at the bottom of the stairs. Phyllis!? It was an accident (Jack’s horrified)

At the club, Ashley whines over her wine to Abby – thanks to Phyllis we’re not a family anymore, we’re a reality show. Nikki thinks Jack should forgive Phyllis – are you kidding me? Both my brothers should ran far away from Phyllis and never look back.

Yes, she’s breathing, Jack taps Phyllis’ face and takes her pulse – can you hear me? Billy’s on his phone calling for an ambulance.

Chelsea has two dress options for Chloe – who denies she and Kevin are going on a dinner date. Caught reading GC Buzz, Chloe feels bad for Billy. Even a screw up like him gets something right every once in a while.

Out for ice cream at the park, Mariah tells Faith that Chelsea’s invited her to spend the night and hang out with Bella and Connor (since Nick’s busy at Underground) Faith chirps merrily that she won’t be seeing Chloe tonight – she has a big date with Kevin. Well, that wipes the smile off Mariah’s face.

Working on solving some break-ins by the lake, Kevin jokes with Dylan and Paul – I haven’t committed a crime in weeks I tell ya! Dylan and Paul both get a call – Phyllis is unconscious at the Abbott estate. Dylan’s to go see Jack – Paul will meet him at the hospital.

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Uncle Jack needed to know, Abby reassures Ashley (who admits her life is empty and devoid of passion) Passion’s overrated, Abby admits – and doesn’t want her Mom to butt out. We all need you.

Back at the park cafe, Mariah squirms as Faith prattles on to Kevin about his date. After she’s sent off to buy a treat, Mariah asks about his big date. It’s not a date, a sharply dressed Kevin claims. Mariah makes a mess of Kevin’s tie as she warns him that Chloe’s not interested. Hearing that Bella’s Dad doesn’t know she exists, Mariah’s puzzled – didn’t Chloe say he was a one night stand? That’s sketchy.

Sewing Chloe into her dress, Chelsea convinces her that she’ll be fine by herself. Chloe continues to praise Billy – he’s a survivor and excellent Father. Yeah, but he had an affair with his brother’s wife, Chelsea points out. That’s not all on Billy, Chloe thinks there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Phyllis strapped to a gurney, Jack’s given the OK to ride along in the ambulance. As Billy protests, Dylan arrives wanting him to explain what happened.