Thursday, September 22nd

On the elevator, Jack tells the unconscious Phyllis to hang in there – Summer needs you – so do a lot of people. Ordering that Phyllis be taken to room 3, Ben can’t let Jack follow – but will update him asap. He also tells the cop that now isn’t the time for questions and sends her off rolling her eyes with a withering glare.

Getting a call from Ben (Phylis is unconscious and Jack could use some support) Abby tells him they’re on their way.

Summer races over to Jack – how’s Mom? What happened? Jack admits they were arguing – it was an accident. I could never hurt Phyllis. Summer knows that – but worries her Mom will be in a coma again.

Billy tells Dylan that Jack and Phyllis were half way up the stairs when she tumbled down. But no, he didn’t see exactly what happened – all we have is Jack’s version. And you don’t believe him, Dylan guesses.

Phyllis does not respond to the flashlight being shone in her eyes. As Ben calls for a scan, Phyllis murmurs Jack’s name – then startles and flops over in dramatic fashion.

When Kevin comes to fetch Chloe, Chelsea tells him what a good friend she’s been. Chloe comes down to dazzle Kevin and credit Chelsea with the dress. Go, have fun, Chelsea practically has to show Chloe out the door. Now alone, she mopes over a framed photo of her and Adam.

Your Mom’s too tough and stubborn to not be OK, Jack tells Summer (who can tell he still loves her) Love isn’t always enough – Jack too hates what’s happened. Ashley and Abby arrive to hear what happened. What was Billy doing at the house? is Ashley’s question.

Outside Phyllis’ room, Paul joins Dylan as he’s questioning Billy on whether this is an accident or domestic incident. Ben updates that Phyllis became agitated and was sedated – and hints that it might not be an accident.

Arriving for her sleepover, Faith gives Mariah a hug and goes upstairs. Chelsea invites Mariah to stay. We should get to know one another. Mariah’s surprised to hear that Nick thinks it a good idea that the kids spend time together and is uncomfortable when Chelsea comments on the bond between Nick and Sully.

Huge silver-domed plates in front of them, Kevin and Chloe toast with champagne. This dish has been specially prepared, ingredients flown in, Kevin fields Chloe’s guesses. Ta da! Cheeseburgers. Kevin knows what Chloe likes.

Ben can’t tell Summer that her Mom will wake up. As the ladies drift off, Paul and Dylan catch Jack alone and would like a word. Aside, Billy makes amends with Ashley – and blames Jack for causing Phyllis’ fall. I’ll make sure he suffers for it.

Over ice cream, Mariah wonders if Kevin and Chloe are having fun – but we’re just friends. He’s irritating and immature but Mariah cares about Kevin and doesn’t want him to be hurt again. Chelsea agrees but Chloe’s been honest with Kevin – and she hasn’t changed. Mariah disagrees. After a solemn moment over Adam, they laugh and switch ice cream.