Thursday, September 22nd

Kevin and Chloe are enjoying their non-date. He wishes they’d done it sooner. Chloe thinks it was good they waited – it would have ended badly. Who says it has to end at all? Kevin flirts. As they stand to leave, Chloe wobbles – Kevin catches and kisses her.

Jack denies he poured a drink after resigning from the board. Phyllis was at the house to beg forgiveness. Jack couldn’t – the marriage is over. Phyllis refused to leave. Paul brings up Jack’s interview, Phyllis press conference. Yes, Jack was angry but would never physically hurt Phyllis. Victor’s the one he’d like to cause bodily harm to (for starting all this)

Billy needs Phyllis to know he’s there. Ashley isn’t sure it’s a good idea but Ben feels it might be exactly what Phyllis needs. In Phyllis’ room, Billy asks Phyllis her to come back – even if it’s to tell him to get the hell out.

As Summer naps in the lounge, Abby won’t let Ben take her away. Claiming to understand that it’s a tough time, he walks away disappointed.

Back in the locker room, Paul isn’t sure whether to believe Billy or Jack. Dylan blames Victor. Our job’s to find out how Phyllis fell, Paul reminds.

Jack looks in at Billy holding Phyllis’ hand. Devastated, he walks away. Billy caresses Phyllis’ hair – is she waiting for a prince to awaken her with a kiss? Kissing her forehead, he welcomes Sleeping Beauty back. Phyllis has obediently opened her eyes.

Next: Then you’ve heard the rumour? a reporter asks Jack. What rumour? That you beat up your wife … Vikki sets Jill straight – I want you to get it through your insanely thick skull that we’re never getting back together …. Billy appeals to a scared Phyllis – If you look into your heart, you’ll find the truth – we can still be together.

My Thoughts: You’ll land on your back, you always do, Jack tells Phyllis – but if he was as vicious as he wants to be, he’d have said Phyllis lands on her back. Technically, Phyllis was assaulting Jack (based on the legal expertise I garnered watching years of Law and Order) …We’re not a family anymore, we’re a reality show, Ashley whines to the daughter who actually turned the family into a reality show. Surely nothing can be as humiliating as The Naked Heiress. And Ashley’s indignation would be a bit more reasonable if she wasn’t keeping her own incestuous fling a secret. I guess it’s OK that she slept with her daughter’s man as long as the family isn’t embarrassed by it coming out. At least Abby’s not as hypocritical (she had an ongoing affair with her niece’s husband) … Attention Neil – there are two attractive African American women young enough to be your daughters at the park. There’s no reason for you and your son to share anymore… Ashley loves the wine so much she should take a photo of the label? If it was that good, half full glasses wouldn’t be left behind … Since when does Dr Rayburn get to order the police around?