Friday, September 23rd

Ben gives Phyllis a clean bill of health but wants to keep her overnight for observation. Now alone with Billy, Phyllis asks where Jack is.

At the club, the pesky GC Buzz reporter asks Jack if he heard the rumour. What rumour? That he beat up his wife. Given what’s already transpired, it doesn’t look very good that she’s now in the hospital – perhaps Jack wants to put out his side of the story?

Letting Victor in, Travis tells him that Vikki’s not home. Victor’s delighted when Johnny runs into his grandpa’s arms.

At Brash n Sassy, Vikki confronts Jill on trying to give Travis a job – elsewhere. There’s no chance in hell Billy and I are getting back together – you’re acting like my Father. Just stop it – no one controls my life but me.

Travis smiles down at Victor gushing over Johnny – such a smart little Newman. He agrees that Vikki deserves nothing but the best and won’t let her down. She and the kids come first. Hearing about Jill’s job offer, Victor warns him to watch out for her.

Get it through your insanely sick skull – Billy and I are never getting back together, Vikki repeats. I’m with Travis. He’s smart and sexy, Jill can only imagine…. Travis is not a rebound or a phase – he’s moved in, Vikki cuts Jill off and puts her on notice – embrace reality before things get ugly.

Jack tells the reporter that he’d never hurt his wife. Watching with Hilary, Devon puts an end to the interview. After Jack marches off, Devon won’t let the reporter exploit the Abbott family’s pain.

Despite Phyllis calling him a mistake, when Billy saw her at the bottom of the stairs, he knew he couldn’t give up on her. You love me too.

Victor’s only concern is Vikki’s happiness (which she won’t find with Billy Boy Abbott) He warns Travis that he’ll make a play for Vikki again. Travis loves that she’s her own woman – Vikki won’t be manipulated by Billy or Jill. Vikki then comes home to wonder what’s going on.

Is Devon bribing the reporter? No, he’s giving him money as incentive to find a new story. The reporter grabs the cash and goes.

Jack comes home to look at the spot where Phyllis fell. As he flashes back to her fall, ghost John appears to talk about family. Billy’s no family to me, Jack scowls.

Phyllis won’t let Billy play hero while painting Jack as a monster. She WAS being honest in the interview – she loves Jack and will spend the rest of her life trying to win him back. When Summer bursts in, Billy agrees with her – I shouldn’t be here. He watches sadly through the door as Summer cuddles with her Mom.