Monday, September 26th

At Brash n Sassy, the Ashby’s gush over one another as Billy arrives to say that Cane’s doing Vikki’s job (with the commercial)

Struggling to both get ready her small bathroom, Vikki hands the phone to Travis – Victor wants to talk to you.

After yoga in the park, Jill relays her most brilliant idea – Brash n Sassy will be sold exclusively in Fenmore’s. Lauren loves her sister – but – Fenmore’s only invests in grounded companies (not glorified dating services to get it’s executives back together)

Seated with the Hamilton’s, Mike explains why suing GC Buzz isn’t a good idea (even if it means him earning enough for a summer house) Devon was caught – on camera – bribing the reporter. GC Buzz is a news media – you want to sue them for what? Doing their job?

Devon was trying to protect a friend by motivating the reporter. Yeah – with money. OK, but Devon didn’t give the reporter permission to record him. OK – but you do you want to be the billionaire who’s trying to end freedom of speech? What good is money and power if you can’t fight back? Hilary snarls.

Lily leaves Billy and Cane bickering at Brash n Sassy (even going back to Cane possibly being Delia’s Dad) Why is Billy here? I bought the company. Why is Cane here? Other than tricking Jill into thinking he was her son, Billy has no idea how Cane ended up with a seat at the table.

Vikki’s sorry Travis has been summoned to Victor’s office. I’ll survive, he says – and has no problem going alone. But first, it looks like there’s time for hanky panky.

Victor ends a call – keep me updated. He now flashes back to telling Vikki that Travis is a good pick – and that he doesn’t want Billy sniffing back around again.

Thinking there’s a difference in being nasty and having fun, Hilary seems to want to reinvent the kind of publication GC Buzz is. Mike could use a summer house – but there’s no lawsuit. Devon suddenly has something to go do.

Jill has a real company with a real product and plans to make lots of real money. Lauren loves her sister – but this company is set up ONLY to micromanage Billy (to get him back with Vikki) Marching off – Jill doesn’t appreciate the condescending advice – and HATES yoga.

When Vikki arrives, Cane wants HER opinion on the commercial. Fine – but don’t expect her to love it as much as Lily did, Billy warns. He then thanks Vikki for letting him spend some time with the kids last night. Billy’s stunned with Vikki likes the ad – no, she loves it. He promptly pulls her into the office to ask what she’s doing.

Victor’s impressed that Travis knows the basics about NE – now – what do you REALLY think about the company.