Friday, September 23rd

Summer calls Jack – please come back to the hospital. Mom’s awake and she wants to see you. Please come!

Billy tells Johnny a story as he brushes his teeth and tells another take of the Knight who loves his kids and slays dragons.

Downstairs, Vikki hopes Billy sticks to it and thanks Travis for enduring visits from both Victor and Billy. Travis is right where he wants to be. Billy comes down to say good night and exit.

Vikki was the best thing that ever happened to your useless boy. He mistreated her and has now been replaced. Jill doesn’t believe it’ll last – Vikki doesn’t love Travis. Mentioning Jill’s rejected job offer, a smug Victor thinks HE’LL offer Travis a job.

In their suite, Hilary rants n raves about being attacked by ‘that woman’. I’m so sick of Jill! Don’t let her get under your skin, Devon suggests ignoring her. OK, Hilary will take the high road. Their kissing is interrupted when Hilary’s phone goes off. They turn on GC Buzz to see Jack’s encounter with the reporter.

Summer returns to Phyllis’ room to update that Jack’s not coming.

Under the banner ‘Jack of all Tirades’, the obnoxious reporter lambastes Jack, then moves on to Devon (who slept with his Dad’s wife) The bribe aired, the reporter claims to have donated it to charity. Nothing will stop GC Buzz from reporting the stories its viewers want to see.

Furious, Jack throws his tablet against the wall.

Next: Devon approaches a man at GC Buzz. I understand you own the production company that owns GC Buzz? You tried to bribe my reporter, the guy replies (and look, it’s Bud Bundy from Married With Children) …. Travis is with Victor at the club. So, what’s the offer? Travis asks. Victor slides paper over – do you think this will keep my daughter happy? Arriving with Billy, Vikki’s eyes nearly pop out of her head.