Monday, September 26th

Lauren relays rejecting selling Brash n Sassy exclusively because the company’s only goal is to bring Billy and Vikki back together? Mike thinks she’s underestimating Jill – sure she’s obsessed with Billy’s social life but she’ll fight tooth and nail to make Brash n Sassy a success. Call your sister.

Jill answers – hello, I’m very busy running my son’s life right now. I’m sorry, Lauren says – if the exclusive Brash n Sassy/Fenmore’s deal still stands, she accepts. Playing hard ball for a bit, Jill agrees – but still hates yoga.

Cane politely declines the model’s invitation to go have a drink – I’m married. Jill comes out to say she’s right – you ARE professional. I should tell you that more often. You have all your Father’s good qualities and none of his bad, Jill values Cane – I’m lucky to have you in my life and my company.

Devon wants to set the record straight with the pesky reporter. He met with Howard. He’d never fire me, the reporter knows. Right – but I bought the company. Devon grabs the camcorder then says ‘I’m firing you’. You can get the hell out now. Hilary and Lily smirk.

Vikki’s sure Travis isn’t working her Father. Maybe Billy’s jealous? Travis is trying to get along with Victor for Vikki’s sake. Like I didn’t, Billy grunts ‘see you at the office’ and exits. Vikki then joins her Father and boyfriend. Travis thanks Victor for the offer but declines it. Victor watches them leave hand in hand.

Next: What happened? Kevin asks. Faith’s missing, Mariah tells him …. Faith arrives at the studio to blurt out at Chelsea (with Chloe) – you’re here! I need your help! ….This divorce could drag out for months. You don’t even have a prenup, Ashley reminds Jack…. I don’t want Jack’s money – I just want my husband back, Phyllis tells Mike.

My Thoughts: OK, sure she’s had some work done here and there – but not many 53-year-old women could pull off a bare midriff the way Lauren Fenmore does. I may have to take up yoga …. If the small bathroom builds togetherness, why did Billy and Vikki split up so many times? And considering Travis has no job – and Vikki has no set hours, why are they rushing to get ready like they have to catch the train into work …. Why sell Brash n Sassy ONLY through Fenmore’s? If it’s not in other stores, I guess they won’t be selling online (which is where most consumers young enough to consider themselves Brash and Sassy would shop) …. So Devon bought the club to keep the press away from his friends and family and since that obviously hasn’t worked, he’s bought GC Buzz? Good luck getting the press out to cover your next press conference, fashion show or charity event… And it’s strange that Devon went to all this trouble and expense to protect Jack – Victor didn’t care enough to buy GC Buzz when it was plastering Nikki’s diary everywhere … Is Hilary kidding?! (paraphrasing slightly) There’s plenty of people in this town who want to wear cute clothes for the paparazzi and promote their latest movie – focus on them, not people just trying to live their lives. What, what? How many movie stars are parading around GC? ZERO. The closest GC had to a movie star was The Naked Heiress and Avery with her short-lived cupcake show.