Monday, September 26th

Travis lays out all the reasons NE’s been slowly tanking. Everyone else can see it too – there’s blood in the water – NE’s vulnerable. Victor appreciates Travis having the guts to tell him the truth.

Vikki’s not playing games – she liked the ad. Adults can disagree. Billy making a joke just means that he’s predictable. The three of us should be unstoppable. Billy agrees that Cane’s not the fly in the ointment, Jill is. In the lab, Cane teases Jill about what Billy and saying in the office. You spy – but remember I’m the only one doing any work, Cane walks off.

At GC Buzz headquarters, Devon tries to get Howard, the producer, to be reasonable – lay off Jack Abbott. Howard has no intention of doing that.

Devon lectures Howard on ruining lives – and the media. Is it all about money? No, Devon’s not offering a bribe – and sees there’s no reasoning with Howard (who dives into a game of Foosball.

Back at the club, it seems the truce between Hilary and Lily is over. I’m NOT chasing after Jack – I have a smart, sexy, brave husband, Hilary then scoffs when called a cheater (has Lily talked to Joe Clark lately?) When Lily gets a text from Devon, she wonders why he’s contacting HER, not his devoted wife. He says to find you and meet in the office.

Back at Jabot, Billy also wishes Jill would back off – she’s messing with a good thing (their working relationship) Vikki wants to stick together by not sticking together (fighting will just make Jill think there’s hope) Deciding to have a drink over it, they exit.

Finally, Devon meets Hilary and Lily at the office – he’s met with Howard. When the obnoxious reporter arrives for a follow-up interview, the ladies take him aside to say it’s a bad idea; one thing they can finally agree on.

At the park cafe, Mike’s on his way to GCM. Yes, he’ll send Phyllis her best.

When the model from the commercial arrives for her check, Jill takes off so Cane can have her sign a release. Is everyone happy with the ad? she asks to see the cut.

BnS was Vikki’s baby, Victor tells Travis that he’s proud of her. Travis knows there’s a job offer coming – you don’t need me telling you about your company. My working there will allow you to keep an eye on me. Victor admires Travis’ ability ‘to tell truth to power’. Jotting down a figure and sliding it across the table, Victor wonders if it’s enough to keep Vikki happy. Coming through the revolving door, Billy and Vikki wonder what they’re up to.