Tuesday, September 27th

In her hospital bed, Phyllis pouts over a photo of her and Jack on her phone as Mike drops by to update that Jack’s attorney sent paperwork for a divorce settlement. Phyllis doesn’t want money, she wants her husband.

At the office, Jack does NOT approve of the spring launch campaign he’s been given for approval. Ashley scolds Jack for ignoring what’s going on his life – it’s not good for you or the company.

The Hamilton’s are enjoying ice cream at the park. Hilary was impressed by the way Devon put the reporter in his place – but shutting down GC Buzz will affect a lot of lives. Why not keep it on the air and run it better? Who knows gossip better than we do?

Kevin’s at the station when he smiles over a text from Chloe (last night was great) Mariah runs in to say she needs help – Faith is missing!

At the studio, Chloe and Chelsea discuss trying to move forward when there’s so many reminders of the past. Faith runs in – great you’re here – I need your help!

Mike hates to say it but Jack’s very serious about ending the marriage – consider the offer. Phyllis whines that she has nowhere to go. Yes you do – come home with me, Summer arrives on cue.

You don’t need your Mother for a roommate, Phyllis says. Summer persists – it’s only until Jack realizes he misses you. Can Mike slow the divorce down? Saying he’ll try, Mike leaves Summer to insists her Mom won’t be imposing (she’ll need help with her business classes) And you haven’t lost Jack, she’s sure.

Faith was at the park with Mariah when she suddenly realized she needs a dress for her birthday party tomorrow. She ran all the way to the studio to see if Chelsea has anything small enough. Chloe and Chelsea can help but first things first.

Mariah tells Kevin how Faith disappeared – we must put out an APB or Amber alert. Kevin suggests they go to the park. Chelsea calls to say Faith is there – come over.

Gossip with a conscience? This is why Devon loves his sexy wife. We’d need the right host. But no need to call the talent agency – Devon wants Hilary.

Ashley worries that Jabot’s consumers will go to the competition if they think their CEO beat his wife. Surely you don’t want Jill and Billy to benefit from this. Jack doesn’t feel the need to set the record straight – he’s made Phyllis a generous offer. Mike appears to say his client will pass.