Tuesday, September 27th

Chloe and Chelsea are pinning fabric on Faith. She wants them (and the kids to come to her party) Thanks, but Chelsea’s sure Sharon has her own guest list. She’ll be OK with it, Faith’s sure – Mommy wants Daddy to keep his promise to Connor’s Dad (to take care of them)

Hilary doesn’t have the ‘bubbly persona’ to host a gossip show – and she’s not a journalist. Devon insists – you’ll be tactful and know the right things to say. People will trust you. Devon doesn’t think Hilary can do this – he KNOWS it – and has the perfect first story to make her a star.

When Mike talks about the love Jack and Phyllis share, Ashley wonders if he’s there as lawyer or friend. Lawyer? Then get her to accept the offer. This isn’t a fight Phyllis will win.

At the Abbott estate, Phyllis wonders if she should give up on Jack. I don’t want to pack up and move. I don’t want my marriage to be over, she sits at the bottom of the stairs to lean on Summer.

When Kevin and Mariah arrive with questions, Chelsea and Chloe present Faith in her new dress. Mariah scolds Faith – I had the whole police force looking for you. OK, just Kevin. But yes, the dress is amazing. Faith boasts that she’s paying $20 for the designer dress (her tooth fairy money) Aside, Chloe asks Kevin if he wants to go on a ghost walk with her in two weeks. Mariah looks even paler as usual as they flirt.

Ashley’s left to speak to for Jack – what part of ‘no’ isn’t Mike hearing? The marriage is OVER. Let’s not inflict any more pain on either Jack or Phyllis. Name your price.

Phyllis refuses to feel sorry for herself (since she’s at fault) Summer loves Jack but he’s no Saint – he’ll forgive you. As they’re about to go up to pack, Jack comes home.

Phyllis is just there to get some things. You should have called first, Jack’s cold. I’m glad you’re better … so there’s no reason to drag your feet on the divorce.

Mike’s work days consist of words – harsh words that no amount of money can take back. Yes, but Jack wasn’t hurt by words – he was hurt by actions between his wife and his brother. No amount of tears will ever erase that. Tell Phyllis to let Jack go so he can start healing, Ashley implores. Without further word, Mike exits.

Gifted the dress for her birthday, Faith hugs Chelsea and Chloe (then leaves with Mariah) As Chelsea goes back to work, Chloe catches Kevin looking at the elevator – wish you went with them?

After Hilary’s primped for taping a segment, Devon watches from the sidelines as she reads off the script. Who wrote this crap? I can’t read this. Devon takes the paper and tells Hilary to talk about the Abbott story in her own words.

Kevin’s right where he wants to be – the studio. Chloe’s having second thoughts. About us? Kevin reminds that they had a great dinner the other night and have a ghost walk coming up (after Faith’s party) Chloe thinks they should stop before someone gets hurt (Mariah)

Faith’s sorry about taking off on Mariah – and pushing Kevin and Chloe together (I can tell it made you jealous)

Devon instructs Hilary to look into the camera and tell the real story. Hilary introduces herself and launches into her top story – a power couple that everyone’s talking about but few people know.