Tuesday, September 27th

Jack snarls at Phyllis about taking his offer. She’s not interested in the money. He’s not interested in repairing the marriage. Summer’s attempt to soften things are rejected. And there’s no need for Phyllis to pack; Jack had Mrs Martinez do it already (for delivery) Aren’t you forgetting something? He extends his hand – keep the ring (he wants his house key) Jack’s left to sit in the dark alone.

Nobody’s getting hurt – Mariah knows we have history and wants me to be happy, Kevin promises Chloe. He doesn’t know what ‘this’ is either but don’t you want to find out? OMG – shut up and kiss her already, Chelsea grins as Kevin obeys.

GC Buzz’s staff applaud as Devon kisses Hilary – a star is born!

Now at Summer’s, Phyllis is glum – I have no job, no home – just boxes full of regret.

Ashley arrives in time to hear Jack on the phone arranging to have Phyllis’ boxes delivered to her. He’ll be fine as soon as any shred of Phyllis is removed from the house.

Summer gives Phyllis a pep talk – you’re home. Mike comes by to update Phyllis what she already knows (and to add that Ashley’s so eager to be rid of her she said ‘name your own price’)

Ashley tells Jack what she told Mike. Good – he doesn’t care what it cost either. He just wants Phyllis out of his life.

Phyllis gives Mike her counter offer – she doesn’t want a penny. She’ll give Jack his divorce as long as she gets to keep her job at Jabot.

Next: Billy, Lily and Cane watch Hilary on TV (as she talks about the super couple everyone’s talking about) … Kevin’s her best friend and Mariah can’t stand watching him being used (she tells Chloe as everyone else is busy watching Faith blow her candles out)

My Thoughts: Has Faith no fashion sense at all? That frock Chelsea and Chloe whipped together in 10 minutes is hideous; the colour and material are better suited for Mother of the bride or the Queen Mom. And she’s far too intelligent a child to bolt from a park because she needs a new dress …. It was despicable of Phyllis to sleep with her brother in law but even worse that she insists on staying on at Jabot. If she loved Jack, she’d respect him (and have some self-respect) by moving on… Ashley is so sanctimonious – but she sure looks stunning … Gossip with a conscience? By very definition, that’s impossible. And surely Hilary plans to step down from the foundation; I’m sure addicts won’t want to check into a rehab facility connected to a professional gossiper. I can’t wait to see Lily’s reaction… If the lead story is Jack and Phyllis, what are the other stories? Of course everyone at GC Buzz is going to applaud Hilary – she’s the bosses wife! .. No Mike – your work days don’t consist of words, they consist of driving from place to place because you apparently don’t have an office.