Wednesday, September 28th

As Mariah and Dylan decorate CL’s for Faith’s birthday party, her questions about being a detective make him ask – is there something you want to ask me?

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Chloe work on Faith’s dress. No, Chelsea doesn’t think Sharon wants Nick to spend time with her and Connor to push them together – we’re friends – that’s it.

Sharon bounces around her place – telling Nick that this party is what everyone needs (especially since Chelsea’s coming)

Dropping by Victor’s office, Nikki’s disappointed to hear that he ‘forgot’ Faith’s party – and yes, we must go. OK – family comes first, Victor agrees. Hearing that Victor approves of Vikki’s new boyfriend, Nikki wants to know what he’s up to.

At Brash n Sassy, Billy smiles politely – but Vikki grins ear to ear when Travis brings Johnny and Katie all dressed (somewhat) for the party. Seems dealing with kids is harder than closing deals on Wall Street.

Lily confronts Hilary and Devon on GC Buzz – the company Hilary used in an attempt to destroy the Winters family. So, who’s your next victim Hilary!?

Nikki can’t help but be suspicious of Victor’s sudden change of heart about Travis (and going to the party when hearing he was attending) Mentioning the rejected job offer, Victor’s warned not to turn Faith’s party into a job recruitment. Don’t you worry about a thing, Victor reassures.

Cane’s jaw is on the floor as Billy kisses his kids goodbye and watches Travis play the role of attentive husband/father. You can’t be alright with this, Cane asks when alone.

Faith has a dilema. Nick chooses one tiara, Sharon the other. Chelsea arrives to break the tie (Nick’s choice) As Sharon goes upstairs to get Faith into her new designer dress, Nick works to ingratiate himself to Chelsea (and his humour is working)

Something’s off with Chloe and Mariah’s worried about Kevin. Chloe’s stories don’t add up and she did a 180 re: Kevin. Yes, it occurred around the time Adam died. She’s hiding something, Mariah tells Dylan. A year ago she tried to kill Adam and now she’s living in his apartment with his wife and kid. On cue, Kevin and Chloe arrive at CL’s.