Wednesday, September 28th

All applaud when Sharon presents the beautiful Ms Faith Newman. And as Faith gives Chelsea a thank you hug, her parents both smile widely.

Vikki, Travis and the kids find the party in full swing. Next week, Nick’s taking Faith’s class apple picking. He then greets Kevin and Chloe (who sees Victor head to the patio and follows him) Dylan appears – I hope this party doesn’t end in anyone being arrested.

Devon and Hilary tell Lily that they bought GC Buzz to protect people – tune in to our first show. You’ll be hooked, Hilary sneers.

Dylan’s comment about being arrested is due to the restraining order. From across the room, Nikki and Sharon are stunned to see their husbands shake hands. Nikki then talks about how big Sully is, and he’s walking earlier. It’s incredible. Yes, incredible, Sharon echoes.

Victor and Nikki have a most awkward chat with Travis (in which Victor warbles Happy Birthday) He then wonders if Travis is considering his job offer. Nikki’s scolding is shrugged off when Victor gets a call. Aside, Nick warns Vikki to be careful (he’s skeptical of Dad taking a liking to Travis)

Back at BnS, Cane tells Billy that he almost lost his mind when seeing Joe Clark with his kids – isn’t Billy bothered to see Travis playing Daddy? Lily interrupts – you won’t believe what Hilary’s up to.

To a musical montage, all party guests pose for photos with funny props. Nick and Sharon toast the birthday girl. As all pretend to have forgotten the cake, Victor brings it in as all sing. Make a wish. Faith looks at her Dad and blows out her candles to applause.

Chloe thanks Kevin for inviting her. Dylan comes along to credit Chloe with Chelsea’s good mood. She credits Nick. Across the room, Chelsea apologizes for pushing Nick away. He understands. Chloe takes Mariah on to the patio to clear the air. You clearly have feelings for Kevin. Mariah’s pissed – she can’t stand watching her best friend get used.

Lily fills Cane and Billy in – Hilary’s lowered their guard to go for the big prize. She’ll use this new platform to settle all her grudges. Billy should be especially worried. It’s showtime, Lily turns the TV on.

In their suite, Hilary’s nervous. Devon turns the TV on.

Billy’s not happy when the show opens with Hilary announcing that today she’ll be talking about the Abbotts.

Mariah asks Chloe ‘what changed’ (her feelings for Kevin)? Chloe’s sorry Mariah feels side swiped but you said you didn’t want Kevin. Yes, Mariah’s still upset about Chloe hitting her over the head with a bottle. We have to work together, Chloe points out. No, I quit, Mariah huffs off.

Victor presents Faith with framed NE stock – but the pony that’s on it’s way to the stable is what makes her squeal with delight.