Thursday, September 29th

At the revolving door, Vikki and Billy bicker about Travis getting along fine with her folks. He comes over to announce that he accepted Victor’s job offer. Of course you did, Billy mutters.

Summer comes home to find her place full of the boxes Jack had sent over. Phyllis is moving on to Plan B.

Mike’s at Jabot on Phyllis’ behalf – the offer’s good for today only. No, Ashley snaps – what does she want? Phyllis is willing to give Jack the divorce free and clear, he tells Jack – on one condition.

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At home, Chelsea flashes back to Nick telling her Faith’s party wouldn’t be the same without her. Chloe comes home to find her BFF ‘extra sensitive’. It’s Nick, Chelsea admits.

Faith sent up to change out of her dress, Nick confronts Sharon – it’s not what she did, it’s that she used their daughter to do it.

Never mind ‘you know how kids are’, Nick’s annoyed with Sharon for whatever she said to Faith about pushing him and Chelsea together. Stay out of my personal life.

Back at the club, Billy laughs at Travis – Victor’s about to make your life miserable. Travis and Vikki follow Billy to the bar. Good luck, Billy laughs again – this’ll be spectacular. Laughing into his drink, Billy leaves Vikki to question Travis on why he changed his mind.

Over coffee, Phyllis tells Summer that she plans to remind Jack of why they’re so good together. Summer suggests she give him time – don’t force it. Phyllis can’t wait for Jack to come around. She must force the issue.

Mike thinks Phyllis’ offer a good one. Ashley and Jack do not. No way can Phyllis keep her job. Jack wants peace. Phyllis can have anything she wants! He angrily sweeps a desk of stuff onto the floor. Mike persists – you’re just prolonging the pain. Jack will give Phyllis as much money as she wants but she won’t have an office here. After Mike leaves, Jack needs to get out for some air.

Nick’s hug was friendly, supportive, Chelsea tells Chloe that Faith almost pressured her into going to the party for Nick and Sharon’s sake. She hopes the hug didn’t give Nick the wrong idea and can’t imagine being with someone besides Adam. Chloe warns her not to overthink it – Nick’s a great guy. Chelsea needs to talk to Nick about boundaries.