Wednesday, September 28th

Party over, Kevin asks Mariah why she quit her job – is it a jealousy thing? No – Mariah doesn’t like people who lie to her friends. Chloe’s lying about something, she’s sure. Kevin doesn’t need protection from Chloe. OK – don’t say I didn’t warn you, Mariah again huffs off.

Hilary speaks glowingly of Jack and Phyllis – they deserve privacy while they go through this rough situation. Hilary knows what she wanted when her life became a tabloid sensation. The show will give the Abbotts time to figure it out. Cane and Billy are impressed – Lily’s suspicious.

Hilary will tell a story if it needs to be told – we’ll poke fun and dig up dirt on those who deserve it. Turning the TV off, Devon raves about his wonderful wife. He’s never made love to a TV star ~kiss~

At the club, Vikki excuses herself to take a call. Nikki leaves Victor to reiterate his job offer to Travis – surely something under the NE umbrella must interest him. You want to work for the best; that’s Newman (not Chancellor)

At the penthouse, Chelsea chats with Faith – she got her birthday wish. Daddy’s happy again. Mommy’s right – it’s because of you. Chelsea squirms as Nick comes down from putting Connor to bed.

Having put Sully to bed, Dylan has to get to the station – he’s got a new perspective on things. He answers the phone – hello? Hello? That’s been happening a lot lately, he scowls.

Nick thanks Chelsea for today – not just the dress, the party wouldn’t have been the same without you ~hug~ Chelsea’s left to wonder.

On the patio, Chloe brings up Mariah spinning out of control – she’s really angry. Is there more between you two? Kevin’s been honest – Mariah’s his friend. OK, she thinks you’re hiding something about Bella’s Dad.

At the revolving door, Billy and Vikki butt heads as they watch Travis with Victor. Nikki approaches the table – let me guess; welcome to Newman Enterprises. Victor chuckles.

Next: Whatever hints you’re dropping, whatever seeds you’re planting – it ends now, Nick tells Sharon … You turned my Father down, told him you weren’t interested in working for him – what changed? Vikki questions Travis … She’s willing to give you the divorce, free and clear – there is one condition, Mike tells Jack.