Thursday, September 29th

Sharon wants Nick to be happy – and Chelsea. Nick’s annoyed that Faith was brought into this. Sharon’s sure Chelsea’s grateful for Nick’s support – and you need this too. Just stop, take care of yourself, Nick barks as he exits. Faith appears to wonder if she got her Mom in trouble.

Still loitering at the club, Vikki reminds Travis that he left Wall Street to work at a bar, then sail the world. Travis saw a different side to Victor but knows he can be ruthless. He can handle men like Victor. Vikki suspects her Dad wants something. Travis isn’t worried and knows he’s being tested.

Letting Jack in, Summer goes upstairs to study. Jack asks Phyllis what she wants (and to clarify that he no longer loves her) Then what’s the problem (with her working at Jabot)?

Sharon reassures Faith that she didn’t do anything wrong. Then why is Daddy mad? He misses Sage. She’d want Daddy to be happy, Faith chirps. Sharon agrees and hopes Nick and Daddy will be closer now. Faith thinks Sage is looking down and thanking her Mom right now. Sharon’s saved by a call – or is she? Hello? Hello?

Ashley’s in Brash n Sassy’s office to ask Billy to talk Phyllis out of wanting her job at Jabot.

Phyllis is agreeing to a quick and easy divorce. I’ll just be another employee. Jack can’t compartmentalize like Phyllis can. He’ll relive her betrayal every time she walks through that door. Phyllis will live with regret every day. And if Jack doesn’t give her the job back, she’ll take half of Jabot. I never signed a prenup, she reminds.

Travis has brought Vikki to Hank’s bar to relive the first time she walked in. Vikki doesn’t want her Father to break them up. Travis plays a song on the jukebox and as they dance, he vows they won’t change. This is who we are.

Vikki can’t blow off work today – but she can’t lose Travis either. You won’t, he assures as he helps her into her coat. He’ll drive Vikki to work and be there when she gets home.

Phyllis doesn’t want anything to do with me, Billy tells Ashley (who doesn’t want her to hurt Jack again and wonders how to shut this down) Unfortunately, both know that Phyllis won’t change her mind. She’s such a bitch, Ashley mutters.

Jack doesn’t want to ‘deal with it’ – why is Phyllis being so vindictive? Phyllis wants Jack to see the future they can still have. Maybe she’s wasting her time – but maybe she’s saving what’s left of her life. Without further word, Jack slams out.