Thursday, September 29th

Chelsea and Chloe go over how she should approach Nick on being friends (which leads to talk of Kevin – and Mariah) Nick shows up at the door – bad timing? Couldn’t be better, Chloe smiles.

After Chloe escapes upstairs, Nick and Chelsea both want to get something straight. Awkwardness soon leaves to laughter. We’re on the same page – all good. Cool – see you around, Nick leaves Chelsea to breathe a sigh of relief.

Faith opens more gifts; a doll – but there’s no card. We’ll figure it out, Sharon’s sure.

Walked to the office, Vikki and Travis are met with a wisecrack from Billy. Now alone, she basically tells him to mind his own business. Billy then easily goads a reaction by saying he’s back with Phyllis.

Summer rejoins her Mom to hear that her talk with Jack was quite productive. Phyllis must now get dressed to make a good impression – it’s a work day after all.

When Jack returns to the office, Ashley’s furious to hear that Phyllis will continue to work at Jabot. Jack plans to give her a dose of the hell her life will be here. Ashley doesn’t think he’ll be able to do that and walks out without comment when Phyllis walks in dressed to kill. Jack then shows Phyllis her new, tiny office – and dumps a box of paperwork on her desk.

While Ashley ends up stuck in the elevator with Travis, Vikki blasts Billy – what she has with Travis is real (unlike his fling with his brother’s wife – Phyllis still loves Jack and I feel nothing for you!)

Nick’s next stop is Summer’s to whine about Sharon meddling in his life.

Sharon gets yet another crank call. Why are you harassing me? It’s me – Patty – did you get my gift? The baby doll? I hope Faith enjoys it. It’s nothing like having a real baby though, is it? Patty lays back on her bunk. Sharon’s eyes bug out.

Next: You’re father is signing your boyfriend’s checks – what could possibly go wrong with that? Billy asks Vikki …. Stuck on the elevator, Ashley knows that Travis was an up and comer at Hazelton and Grasswood – what a coincidence. Both smiles are fake… Why are you doing this? Sharon asks. You knew this day would come, Patty giggles into the phone.