I missed the first 7 minutes of today’s show…

Evan’s right – the show is tanked. Hilary wishes she’d gone with her instincts and ran the clip of Billy losing it on camera. Despite Devon being proud of her, Hilary also whines about not airing the video of the barroom fight. We must tell more compelling stories – if no one’s watching, Hilary won’t let Devon pay for airtime just to stroke her ego. People WILL watch – Devon has faith in humanity and his wife.

Maintaining that the files on the flashdrive were of no importance, Phyllis claims that Billy only managed to get under Jack’s skin and get himself kicked out of Jabot’s offices. Yeah, well Ashley’s curious about what you’re up to as well, so Billy knows those files weren’t regarding Jabot’s classic line. When the elevator doors open, Phyllis introduces Dave, the bodyguard who’ll ensure Billy doesn’t stray from Brash n Sassy’s office (and onto Jabot’s turf)

Hands on her hips, Ashley informs Jack that Phyllis told Billy she was destroying old personnel files per Jack’s request (and is sure that’s BS) Not really wanting to dwell on the image of Phyllis and Billy wrestling over a flashdrive, Jack makes it clear that he’d never trust Phyllis with anything important – he’s giving her mindless work in hopes she’ll soon be out of his company and his life.

Victor tells Travis that he suspects NE’s been hacked. Why is Natalie here? She’s Victor’s new executive assistant – and cyber-security expert. When Natalie’s list of suspects includes Travis, he asks for (and gets) a word alone with Victor. Travis thinks Victor’s accusation out of line. Victor’s not accusing Travis of anything – why do you feel accused?

At the office, Vikki impresses Cane with the news that she’s already handled the manufacturing problem – by hiring another manufacturer. We’ll have as much Bare as the shelves need. Sorry I’m late – Billy arrives to introduce the guard who’ll be escorting him to and from the office (because his visit to Phyllis resulted in him being deemed a security risk)

Lily’s invited Neil and Devon to Top of the Tower to check out the competitions. Look at this menu, I need to step my game up, she states. No, Cane won’t be meeting them; he’s busy. Devon’s asked about Brash n Sassy (which will be run with integrity) Lily’s interested to see how long that lasts.

Back at GC Buzz, ‘vapid, wind-up doll’ Hilary fumes as she reads scathing comments online. Evan then comes over to show her the hottest story that’s come across her desk in months (Newman’s financial reports)

Victor’s yet to hear a denial. Travis shouldn’t have to deny anything – he’s the one who pointed out exploitable weaknesses. This is pure paranoia. Kindly get out, Victor snaps. When Natalie comes in, she’s told to strike ‘that impertinent fellow’ off the list – it’s not him.