Jack got the material to GC Buzz – Victor’s world is about to implode. Great, but Phyllis worries that Billy’s putting things together – when this breaks, he and Ashley will know what we did to Victor. So what? Jack’s unconcerned.

Vikki now wants to scale back on media buys. Cane agrees. Billy doesn’t – it’s like a first date in which the guy gets stuck with the bill. Neither Vikki or Cane want to go with Billy’s dating strategy. There’s this thing called romance – that’s what women actually like. When Travis appears on cue, Billy claims that Vikki’s too busy for a lunch date. Told it’s important, Vikki takes him to the conference room (leaving Billy and Cane to wonder what’s up)

Surely Jack doesn’t need to tell Phyllis the beauty of revenge – she lives for it. The fun part is when people start suspecting who’s behind it (including the guy you’re sticking it to) Jack’s not the same blind idiot Phyllis cheated on. It’ll all hit the fan tonight (thanks to GC Buzz) Phyllis is left reeling by Jack’s coldness.

Devon’s tired of Lily taking shots at his wife. Neil thinks Hilary should ignore what people are saying online and focus on her job. A mentor once gave him great advice; focus on what you’re doing and how you’re doing will follow. When Lily brings up Hilary’s past, Devon reminds that she cheated on her husband. After Devon heads back to the studio, Neil scolds Lily (who is sorry) Hilary loves the spotlight and is ruthless, Neil admits – but doubts she’d use her new position to gossip for ratings.

Evan thinks this story could solve their problems (low ratings and opinions of Hilary) Initially wanting to check with Devon, Hilary’s talked out of making another mistake. OK – here’s what we’re going to do.

About to go on the air, Hilary tells Evan that she’s not sensationalizing the story – but presenting in a way they won’t get sued over. Camera rolling, Hilary claims that Newman’s internal memos indicate that the company is misrepresenting it’s business practices and financial picture. Victor Newman’s deceived his employees, the business community, board members and distributors around the world. What piece is this? Devon arrives to ask. Just the biggest story of the year, Evan grins.

After taking a call, Neil rejoins Lily to say she doesn’t need to apologize again – Devon’s committed to changing GC Buzz, Hilary’s committed to him. For now, Lily comments. Yes, Cane’s been very busy lately but he knows how to strike a good

balance, she adds.

Billy talks to Cane about the cocky Travis thinking he’d be treated like family. Looks like he got a rude awakening. In the conference room, Travis whines to Vikki about the way Victor spoke to him (and distrusts him) My Dad doesn’t trust anyone. He’ll never let anyone in all the way. It’s a Newman trait, she informs. meaning you do the same thing, Travis realizes.

In the conference room, Vikki tells Travis that trust is a fragile thing (and reminds that he lied) Travis means what he says – is Vikki not the same???

Jack arrives at Top of the Tower to apologize to Neil for standing him up. He’s been so busy. Off to a Foundation meeting, Neil suggests Jack come along. Getting a resounding NO, Neil says you can’t blame a brother for trying. All work and no play and you’ll turn into that guy. Sending Neil along, Jack eyeballs Victor.

Hilary wraps it up by telling her audience that the man behind the curtain will be asked questions by people who deserve answers. GC Buzz will stay on the story.After the crowd disburses, Devon claims they can’t run it – we don’t know if the info’s accurate and when did Hilary start going by Curtis again? We need to get Victor’s side.