When Ashley enters her office, Phyllis turns the radio off quickly. What the hell do you want? Phyllis knows about the flashdrive Phyllis didn’t want Billy to have and will drive her out of town herself if she hurts Jack again.

Smiling as he watches GC Buzz on his tablet, Jack asks ‘the Great Victor’ if he’s using a new tailor. He wants a truce, not war. And kudos for record 2nd quarter earnings. Not believing a word of it, Victor mumbles ‘have a nice day’ and leaves Jack looking smug.

Vikki loves Travis and has forgiven his lies – but, like her Father, she keeps her eyes open so she’s not blindsided. That’s an eye opener for me, Travis walks out (past Billy, who of course makes a comment that Vikki doesn’t appreciate) Knowing that since Vikki’s gone, Billy will be leaving too, Cane sends him out with his guard (and is left alone to work)

Phyllis still loves Jack (is over Billy) and is trying to save his life – now, get out.

As Jack sits down to enjoy Hilary’s segment again, Victor gets a visit from her and Devon – hoping for a comment. About what? These internal memos that state you’ve been cooking the books. Is there anything you’d like to say to our viewers? Yes, get the hell out! Victor shoves the phone Hilary’s recording on out of his face.

Next: Did you think you could sneak this on the air without me knowing? Or did you just not care? Devon confronts Hilary … I’m the one who gave it to Victor – with both barrels, Jack gloats to Ashley. I know I tried to be the voice of reason last night, but everything you’ve been worried about is coming true, Mariah alarms Sharon.

My Thoughts: How can Hilary use the word ‘proving’ in her story with a straight face? She’s not able to prove anything. She didn’t do ANY fact checking whatsoever; no attempt to verify the internal memos. Anyone could have printed those off and sent them … Is GC Buzz live or recorded? Devon says they can’t air the segment – yet look, it’s already ON the air. Keep buzzin’ GC has to be the worst sign-off line ever. Is GC Buzz TV only on the news for random 2 minute segments at a time? And why is it called GC Buzz TV when it’s only aired online? Shouldn’t it be GC Buzz Internet? … Poor Cane – he only has one productive teammate and she didn’t even bother to consult with him about replacing BnS’s manufacturer … Sure Billy’s an obnoxious jerk, but what gives Phyllis the right to ban him from walking the halls of his family’s company? He’s sure as hell not a security risk or engaging in corporate espionage (‘espionage’ means spying or using spies to gain information) … Let’s hope that Hilary’s finally made an enemy of someone who can take her down (Lily’s sharp tongue sure isn’t cutting it. Get it? ‘Cutting’ it? Ha ha)