Thursday, October 20th

Devon confronts Hilary at the studio to complain about the Victor Newman segment.

At NE, Natalie makes jokes about fielding questions from the FBI not being in her job description. Victor’s caught between a rock and a hard place – wherever will he find someone to wipe any incriminating evidence off the servers? Well, no one gave her an order like that – but yes, Natalie will keep herself ‘busy’ while Victor leaves her alone in his office.

Ashley meets Abby at Top of the Tower (as urgently summoned) to hear her and Ben’s marriage is over.

Nick thanks his brother in law Ben for giving him the all clear to go home – and tells Mariah that he can’t wait to get back to Sharon’s.

At home, Sharon’s on video chat with Dylan – who wishes he could come home. Sharon assures that she and the kids are just fine. Dylan knows that’s not exactly true – Paul called him this morning.

Dylan wonders why Sharon didn’t mention that she and Mariah thought Patty might have made the calls. It wouldn’t be out of the question – but Dylan thinks they can now rule his Aunt out as a suspect. Love you. Love you too. He’s glad Nick’s there to keep them all safe.

Nick tells Mariah that yes, he’s really bonded with Sully – it’s hard to explain. Christian’s first birthday would have just passed – Nick thinks about what he’d look like. Being around Sully’s a comfort. When Ben brings in paperwork, Nick again says he can’t wait to get back to Sharon’s.

You should have seen Ben’s face when I told him I couldn’t pinpoint when I fell in love with him, Abby tells her Mom that he’s taking on extra shifts to avoid her. Ashley suggests that Abby does love Ben (but she’s not sure she knows what those words mean) I’ve been pretending. Ashley doesn’t think Abby’s ‘awful’ – the situation is. Abby feels horrible for breaking Ben’s heart.

Bickering with Devon, Hilary likens her show to 60 Minutes. I knocked it out of the park and you know it.

In Jack’s office, he and Phyllis are thrilled with the GC Buzz expose that paints Victor guilty whether he is or not. Jack then stuns Phyllis by saying he’s not done yet – this is only round one.