Thursday, October 20th

Abby calls Ben to ask that he meet her at the park to talk. He has to assist on a procedure soon and doesn’t think he can ‘get out of it’. Abby hopes she sees him soon. Calling ‘Jones’, Ben learns that he’s not needed in surgery after all – but wants to help anyway.

Back at the studio, Devon apologizes – but reminds Hilary why they bought GC Buzz. Hilary’s sure their ratings will skyrocket – we just have to find something … Victor appears on cue; get a camera. I have something to say.

Jack’s delighted as he reads the online comments about Nikki Newman’s $3,000 shoes. Phyllis knew that would resonate with the audience and wonders what other revenge Jack has in mind – what’s the end game? Ashley arrives to say she knows Phyllis put Jack up to this. Jack rudely dismisses Phyllis then surprises Ashley by saying he won’t deny he was behind the attack on Victor – in fact,he’s most proud of it.

Jack doesn’t care if Victor knows he’s behind the GC Buzz expose – Phyllis had nothing to do with this. He then tells Ashley that he’s done with Victor. Starting a war would be insane.

The camera rolling, Hilary introduces the one and only Victor Newman (who blasts them for peddling lies and not checking the validity of the documents they were sent) To prove his innocence, Victor invites anyone to look at his hard drives. He’ll sue whoever set him up – and GC Buzz (a show he’ll drop once he owns the company) Have a nice day, Victor tosses the mic and leaves. That went well, Hilary smiles into the camera.

Ben meets Abby at the park after all. He almost didn’t come because he knows what she’s going to say and doesn’t want to hear it.

Back at Sharon’s, Nick’s fussed over by her and Mariah (who sends him upstairs to wash off the hospital stink) That leaves her to tell Sharon that they have a problem – everything Sharon’s afraid of is coming true.

Mariah relays everything Nick told her – that he and Sully have a bond he can’t explain. Sharon thinks that Dylan asking Nick to move in after his son died is a sick joke (then apologizes for being selfish) She must protect Dylan and her son – Faith could lose her brother (you know what I’m saying) Nick needs to go – today.

Reading more comments, Jack claims he has all the revenge he needs. Now we can all move on. Hoping that’s true, Ashley doesn’t want to be collateral damage. In the hallway, Phyllis hides as Victor goes into Jack’s office. What brings you by? Jack gloats with a grin.

Seated on a park bench, Abby doesn’t know how to do this. Ben guesses she wants a divorce. Abby’s been all over the place trying to find answers. Not talking isn’t working. Both admit they’re scared. Abby doesn’t want to hurt Ben (but knows she has) You asked me here to talk but don’t know what to say? Ben’s frustrated. He loves Abby but if she’s here to end it, end it – now.

In tears, Abby says that she’s been lying to herself as well as Ben. She thought if she said ‘I love you’ enough times it would be true. Don’t be nice to me, she sniffles – I don’t deserve it. Should I call you names? Ben can’t do that. Abby’s so so sorry. Ben wonders if she wants to give it another chance. No.

Mariah leaves Sharon with Nick – who had a great idea in the shower; let’s grill some steaks. He’ll go down to the butcher and take care of everything. What’s wrong? Sharon thinks they’re falling back into old patterns – we’re not together. Nick knows that. OK – but what about the promise Nick made to Adam?