Friday, October 21st

Telling the Hamilton’s that she wants no part in using GC Buzz like a hammer, Ashley marches off.

At the revolving door Victor tells Ashley that Jack’s no match – stop him before I retaliate. As she leaves, Mike arrives (as summoned) Victor wants to file a lawsuit – against Mr and Mrs Hamilton. Yes, it could get ugly but who better than Mike to get in the muck?

Telling Dylan that Patty didn’t say much except ‘get me out of here’ Mariah thinks she should be moved to another facility – one that can help her. Sharon’s back to hear that Paul told Dylan everything. He also wants to know why Patty’s obsessed with Sharon and Sully (and then there’s the painting)

At Top of the Tower, Chloe’s enjoying her date with a sexy guy who has a great bond with Bella. But she feels guilty – Chelsea has such sad eyes. She needs to find someone who can help her move on. Ok – time to go home and make out. Check please!

At Chelsea’s studio, Nick confides that it was hard to say goodbye to Sully (who’s been a great comfort to him while he’s grieving Christian) It’s almost like Christian is trying to hang on to me.

As Hilary records, Victor won’t let them drag his name and business through the mud. Mike hopes it can be resolved without court. Hilary’s pursuing a legitimate story and demands Victor address her, not suggest her husband should reign her in. Asking if the documents are accurate, Hilary won’t reveal their source. Victor threatens to take them and the source down.

Claiming her loyalty’s not for sale (to Victor) Phyllis thinks Jack needs her to bring him down. Jack will share his plan on one condition – Phyllis doesn’t try to talk him out of it.

Knowing Victor just wanted him there to look intimidating, Mike suggests giving the Hamiltons 24 hours to think it over. When Hilary and Devon come over to say they don’t know who the source is, Victor says he’s dishonouring his grandmother’s memory. Kay’d be so disappointed. Devon doubts Katherine would approve of some things Victor’s done either. If you wanna come at us come at us.