Friday, October 21st

Back at the penthouse, Kevin decides to take a raincheck on a nightcap. Chloe turns her cheek for a kiss but then can’t believe he’s seriously leaving. Kissing, they make their was upstairs.

Nick tells Chelsea that being with Sully helps comfort the ache of losing Christian. He feels whole again.

An agitated Sharon points out that Patty’s mentally ill! Obsessed with me. Dr Anderson tried to shield me from her. I just want that part of my life to be over! Dylan wonders why he was sent in another direction – why they didn’t tell him they suspected Patty.

Hilary thinks Devon was sexy when dealing with Victor. Now she has to edit to get this on the air. Devon worries the accusations are unsubstantiated – we need to verify the source.

At the club, Victor tells Mike that the FBI can check his hard drives – confident they’ll find nothing. Mike can’t help if he doesn’t know the truth. Are the files legitimate.

Are you in or out? It’s going to happen either way, Jack tells Phyllis. He’s putting the final nail in Victor’s coffin whether Phyllis helps swing the hammer or not.

Kevin and Chloe are getting hot and heavy in her room.

With all the history between him and Sharon Nick knows her well enough to know that something’s going on.

You just got home, Sharon reminds Dylan (to change the subject) There’s nothing to tell – I swear.

Next: Chelsea catches Kevin and Chloe in a compromising position … Sharon answers her phone. Hey kitty, Patty grins.