Wednesday, October 26th

I’m never going to be free. I need you to protect me!! Patty panics. Paul calms her down – you’re OK. Sharon – bring her here. I have to talk to her, Patty gasps.

At CL’s, Natalie tells Mariah that she’s over Kevin and now working at NE.

When Hilary returns to CL’s, Devon scolds her for ambushing Nikki at the club. Leslie warns Hilary that harassing the plaintiff’s wife could ruin our defense.

As Dylan tells Sharon that he’s ordered a cake for Sully’s first birthday, Sharon busies herself dusting. Dylan gushes about his life changing the day he held Sully. I have everything I want thanks to you. Paul visits – no, Patty’s not alright – and she insists on seeing you, he tells Sharon.

Hilary stands by her interview of Nikki as good journalism – even though she didn’t incriminate Victor. Vowing to protect his inheritance and Katherine’s legacy, Devon’s going to end this (now)

Paul relays his visit with Patty – she was coherent when asking Sharon to visit. Needing to put this behind them, Dylan will go see Patty himself.

Yes, Natalie’s working for Victor – their history is water under the bridge. What does he have you working on? Mariah can’t believe it’s just fetching coffee and answering phones. Natalie lost all her Passkey revenue. See ya.

Strolling through the park, Neil wonders how Nikki can block everything out – be careful of triggers (caused by Victor’s actions). Nikki won’t fall off the wagon (which Neil doesn’t believe any more than she does)

Devon drops by ‘Mr Newman’s’ office to ask if he has time for lunch – just the two of us. He can’t name the source because he doesn’t know the name of the source. Devon does, however, have a proposition for Victor.

Over tea at the park cafe, Nikki appreciates Neil’s concern. It comes from a personal place (he relays making peace with his Mother before she died) Neil now wants to make the most of his time – with family and friends – he wants to leave an imprint. Does Nikki want her imprint to be the woman who defended Victor at all costs? When Paul interrupts and pulls over a chair, Neil tells him the topic of conversation is Victor – care to weigh in?

Victor’s intrigued – how can Devon possibly make up for what GC Buzz has done to him and his family? Devon relays his attorney’s advice – to reveal the source. That’s why he’s hired investigators to probe every facet of Victor’s life – to validate or debunk the story. Who knows what that digging might unearth? (basically, Devon’s threatening Victor into dropping the lawsuit)

At GC Buzz, Hilary huffs as she watches Nikki defending Victor. Mariah arrives to ask for a job (in return she’ll give up dirt on the guy threatening to sue them)

When Sharon and Dylan enter her room, Patty lunges at Sharon (her wrists restrained) Sharon didn’t do anything to you, Dylan says gently. No, but she did something to you, Patty talks about Fairview – the gift from the stork. Yes, a gift we cherish very much, Sharon replies. Dylan wonders what Patty’s dancing around. Patty can’t dance – she sits and thinks about the choices that lead us here. When Dylan goes to check with the doctor, Sharon tells Patty that she didn’t have time to plan her escape – be patient – I’ll find a way. Dylan looks troubled as he watches through the window.

Please don’t crush Dylan’s soul, Sharon pleads. When the doctor notes that Patty’s vitals are good, Sharon’s advice to follow the rules are credited. She thanks Dylan for bringing her to visit. Following Sharon out, Dylan looks extremely troubled. Back in the room, Patty tells the doctor he should have checked Sharon’s pulse – I bet it’s racing.

You won’t regret hiring me, Mariah promises – then tells Hilary that Victor hired a world renowned hacker to answer his phones. Ah, that’s why Victor was so willing to have his servers looked at, Hilary realizes. Yup – Natalie could have those wiped by breakfast, Mariah’s sure. Hilary can’t use it without proof. Mariah thinks there must be a way around it.