Wednesday, October 26th

Back at the cafe, Paul and Neil don’t want to see Nikki dragged into another of Victor’s messes. Loving their concern, Nikki’s marriage and sobriety are solid – I’m happy. After she leaves, Paul and Neil both realize that Nikki never once said that Victor was innocent.

Behind his desk, Victor wonders how Katherine would feel about Devon coming after him and his family. Devon wants to turn GC Buzz into something his grandmother would be proud of. He thinks about living up to her expectations every day. Devon’s appealing to Victor, as his former mentor, to let this lawsuit go. GC Buzz will make a full retraction. His phone beeping, Devon apologizes and runs out. Natalie runs in – they’re on to us – we’re all going to jail!

What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Devon marches into GC Buzz to blast Hilary on her ‘blind item’ (which top CEO is hiring hackers in entry level positions to cover his crooked books?) Devon was seconds away from resolving the lawsuit. He’s no less pleased to hear that Mariah’s behind it – did you run it by Leslie? Devon snaps. Hilary’s sure she’ll prove Victor’s guilty. He’s as tough as they come but Natalie’s not.

Victor never ordered Natalie to wipe any servers clean but won’t let her take the fall. She escapes when Nikki arrives at the office to assume Natalie’s helping with his latest scandal (which she, surprisingly, doesn’t want to know anything about)

Given a clean bill of healthy, Patty corrects the doctor – she DOES like Sharon. She’s my golden ticket out of here. And I AM getting out. How else will I get my cat back?

Now home, Dylan asks Sharon what she and Patty talked about after he left the room. Sharon told Patty to stop with the paintings. Of course she’s on edge (reminders of Fairview are terrifying) I won’t lose everything – I won’t! I’ve got you, Dylan reassures his emotional wife.

Next: Kevin surprises Chloe and Chelsea at the studio (in costume) What – tell me you don’t recognize Ivan the Powerful … I need you now more than ever, Sharon says. You mean now that Patty expects us to help her escape, Mariah’s not happy …. I can’t risk having Victor see me with the mole, Jack says (with a briefcase full of cash on his desk) I’ll make the drop, Phyllis offers.

My Thoughts: What happened to Mariah’s job at Chelsea 2.0? Did she leave because of Chloe? (yet she’s cool with Kevin?) Because working with Hilary won’t be any better. I guess no one in GC bothers to check resumes, work experience, references etc. And who’s tending bar at Underground anyway? …. Line of the day goes to Dylan – Nobody has any idea why Patty ‘lost it’? How about because she’s certifiably insane. That IS why she hasn’t stood trial for murder no? …. Hilary considers her interview of Nikki ‘good journalism’? She was recording on her cell phone for heavens’ sake – shaky and low quality … Sad that Sharon’s first thought is to take Sully to the hospital as a distraction – putting him through unnecessary testing and wasting the time of a doctor who could be saving someone else who’s actually in need of medical attention. Keep in mind that this is the Sharon on her meds and of sound mind … Yet again, Neil talks about the importance of family – yet makes no mention of the young son growing up (for the most part) without his Father…. Other than a brief conversation in which Victor offered to mentor Devon (right after Kay died), he’s never actively mentored Devon.