Thursday, October 27th

You can’t see Victor today, Natalie tells Travis – repeatedly. Knowing she’s being cautious because of the blind item in GC Buzz, Travis reminds that they’re on the same team. As two executives come out discussing that the hacker is rumoured to be a low-level assistant (implying it might be Natalie) Travis jokes that she can’t even run the copy machine. Stop by anytime, Abby calls after them – and informs Travis that she’s doing damage control while Victor’s out of town. This is news to Travis. Did Natalie tell Victor he was investigating his family? Of course not, Natalie says way too quickly.

Putting the divorce papers aside, Jack invites Phyllis into his office – he’s having second thoughts about the plan. Jack’s never come out on top with Victor before – why would this time be any different?

At the design studio, Chloe tries to figure out what Kevin will be dressed up as tonight – and why her BFF is so glum. Connor asked if his Daddy was taking him trick or treating. How can Chelsea expect Connor to accept it when she still hopes Adam will walk through the door?

Ashley joins Ben at CL’s. Yes, Abby told her they’re splitting up. But it doesn’t matter what Ashley thinks – does BEN think his marriage is worth saving??

At home, Mariah’s on the phone with Hilary (both delighted with the comments on ‘blind item’) If we keep the pressure on Natalie she’ll crack. Hearing about the new job, Sharon tries to guilt Mariah (who knows her Mom’s only concern is hiding her secret). I need you now more than ever, Sharon admits. Now that Patty expects us to help her escape, Mariah adds.

Mariah can’t believe Sharon went to visit Patty. Sharon had to; she couldn’t let Dylan go alone. And you should have seen Patty, she loved dropping hints and veiled threats. Yes, Mariah DOES have some idea of the stress – and needs some distance. This job at GC Buzz could be a real opportunity to me. I have to start proving myself to my new boss (Mariah hurries out)

At the fashion studio, Chloe gives Chelsea a pep talk. You’re so lucky to have Connor. Adam wouldn’t want you to be miserable. Chelsea’s going trick or treating with Nick and the kids – he shouldn’t be alone tonight of all nights.

Ashley relays that, per Abby, she and Ben still love each other. Try not to give up hope. Acknowledging their brief fling, Ashley decides that some things aren’t meant to be – some are (like Ben and Abby)

Travis grills Abby – Victor shares information with the family selectively – no one knows exactly what he’s doing. Invited upstairs for lunch, Abby’s delighted to cancel her plans and trot off with Travis (who thinks he has her wrapped around his finger)