Thursday, October 27th

At Jabot, Jack’s annoyed that the feds aren’t after Victor yet – even after all the money he’s spent bribing that NE board member for dirt. Victor could be having us followed, our computers hacked, he frets. No, the plan’s working beautifully – and in case Victor IS having Jack followed, Phyllis will ‘make the drop’ this time.

Never mind that Ben needs to get back to GCM, Ashley wants to finish their important conversation. Ben does love Abby but they went through so much trauma (Max, losing the baby etc.) Ashley asks Ben to be open to possibilities – you and Abby need each other whether you realize it or not.

At Top of the Tower, Travis convinces Abby to drink just a little bit of champagne; to friends and colleagues. He then talks about who’s loyal to Victor. He must trust Abby – he left her in charge of damage of control. Or – is Victor making Abby a scapegoat? It’s not nice being left out of the loop, Abby plays (and drinks) along.

At the fashion studio, Chelsea wonders why Nick’s not responding. Chloe’s also surprised – but maybe he’s having second thoughts about being around all the happy kids today? On cue, Ogg The Powerful arrives (Kevin’s disappointed that no one’s read the Kingdom Beyond series – in some circles, this costume would cause mass hysteria) Well Chloe finds it hysterical. On the elevator, Ogg gets a text from Mariah – who’s told to meet him at CL’s (where everyone else is meeting later)

I’m not being followed – I’m a pro at this, Phyllis reassures Jack (who closes the briefcase of cash and blasts her for sloppy work when Ashley barges in) Phyllis dismissed, Ashley’s left to laugh at Jack – that was the worst performance I’ve ever seen.

At CL’s, Ogg chats with Ester (dressed as a maid of course) But when Chloe arrives, Kevin’s jaw drops – Zoe of the Aurora!? You were only pretending not to know! Mariah comes in to share her disdain; OMG – Zoe and Ogg. She’s about to leave when Chloe calls her a troll-girl. Stopped by Kevin, Mariah never thought she’d say this – but she’s worried about Natalie.

Arriving at Sharon’s, Chelsea’s surprised that Nick’s not here – he didn’t answer his door or phone. At the mentions of this being a hard day because of Christian, Sharon tears up. What is it? You OK? Chelsea’s puzzled.

Ashley’s not stupid – it’s obvious Jack and Phyllis are up to something (regardless of these here signed divorce papers) Jack denies plotting against Victor or conspiring with Phyllis. Observant Ashley then wonders why Jack’s carrying his briefcase around.

Back at Top of the Tower, Travis fills up Abby’s champagne flute as he not-to-subtly asks whether she’d consider revenge against her Father. The bubbles getting to you? No, Abby giggles – my Father warned me you’d pull something like this.

Somewhat smugly, Abby enjoys telling Travis that her Father’s always two steps ahead – he figured she’d be a suspect (as Jack’s niece) I’m not the mole, she says coyly. Ben marches over to puff out his chest and order Travis to ‘stay the hell away from my wife’. After Abby gives Travis the OK to leave, Ben snarls – didn’t take you long, did it?

Assuring Sharon that her tears are OK, Chelsea wonders if maybe Nick went to put flowers at Christian’s grave or to where Sage had her accident? Sharon knows someone who can help (and leaves Dylan a message – she and Chelsea are worried about Nick)

On the patio, Mariah stuns Kevin with the news that Natalie’s in GC – and apparently so broke she has to work for Victor. Kevin’s glad Mariah told him – he doesn’t want Natalie to be another victim of Victor’s. Inside, Ester gushes about things being perfect between Chloe and Kevin (who then comes in to say he has to go save a life force – he’ll be back before trick or treating)

Travis makes a beeline for Natalie’s desk – you told Victor. Not denying it, Natalie suggests Travis can the arrogance and figure out who the mole is before Victor gets back. Travis then gets a call – you’re sure it’s him? Timing couldn’t be better. I’ll take care of it ~click~

Chloe wonders why Mariah would send Kevin over to rescue Natalie – is it to drive a wedge between me and Kevin? Uh no – Mariah supports whatever makes Kevin happy – and she doesn’t help people based on what they can do for her.