Thursday, October 27th

Kevin’s questions about why Natalie’s working for Victor are deflected to Mariah not being ‘concerned’ – she’s just looking for dirt for GC Buzz (and reads the ‘blind item’) Claiming to be a career woman now, Natalie leaves Kevin to stroke his new beard.

What do we drink to? Old loves or new beginnings? Ben then apologizes for overreacting (exactly what Ashley warned him not to do) I’m sorry I acted like a jerk. You’re not, Abby says – you’re the best. My best wasn’t good enough, Ben leaves. Seconds later, Abby gets an alarming text.

At the club’s car, Phyllis checks her watch and orders her usual. Meanwhile, in the park, Jack sits and opens his briefcase – as Travis lurks.

Sharon gets a call from Dylan – there’s no sign of Nick. Maybe he’s at Underground, Chelsea calls. He’s here, Rudy says and I’ve never seen him like this. On speakerphone, horrified Sharon and Chelsea hear glass being smashed) Rudy thinks someone better get over here fast.

Kevin’s back at CL’s to accuse Mariah of using him to try dig up dirt on Natalie’s job for HER new job. Standing behind Kevin, Chloe smirks that Mariah’s a wannabe gopher at a gossip site. After Mariah exits, Chloe tries to lighten the mood – want me to slay her? Ester then brings Bella out to dazzle all in her butterfly costume.

Travis follows the path Jack took and retrieves an envelope he just threw in the trash. The pages are blank. Looking for something? Jack appears. No – Travis just thought someone threw this out by mistake.

Is this seat taken? a man approaches Phyllis at the bar. In short order he puts down a briefcase – then picks up another and strolls out. Watching the exchange, Abby’s jaw drops.

Next: Jack’s impressed with whatever’s in the briefcase Phyllis brought him – This is exactly what we need to start digging Victor’s grave … I didn’t think you;d be back from your trip so soon, Abby sounds guilty at being caught in the office. Actually, I never left town, Victor smiles. Summer looks baffled …. Not now! Go!! Nick shouts as Chelsea appears in the doorway of Underground’s office.

My Thoughts: Yes, Ashley – never mind the patient with the blood clot whose condition is so precarious that the doctor treating him/her needs to call outside the hospital for guidance – your chat about your daughter’s marriage is much more important ….. I really don’t want to dwell on any of these dead kids every Halloween – but we’re all supposed to remember Nick’s loss now and forget Billy and Chloe’s? … Worst costume award goes to Ester – she should have incinerated that old maid (no pun intended) costume years ago …. I hope this new corporate espionage storyline picks up soon – I haven’t been so bored by briefcases since Deal or No Deal. All that’s missing is the Pink Panther theme music.